How to Choose the Right Set-Top Box for Yourself?

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Much of our entertainment today comes from watching TV or streaming videos online or listening to music. All of this can be provided to us by one simple gadget, and it is a Set-Top Box (STB). STBs in India has come a long way, and now people can not only view satellite TV through it but also stream over-the-top (OTT) content. There are multiple companies and services offering their own Set-Top Boxes, so how do you choose the correct one for yourself. Keep reading to find out.

Tips on Choosing the Right Set-Top Box

The first thing that you need to consider is whether you want a normal Set-Top Box or an Android Set-Top Box. STBs have upgraded, and they have become smart. You can do multiple things that you do on your smartphone, such as internet browsing, watching OTT content, play games, and more on Smart or Android STBs. So it would help if you started with deciding whether you want a normal STB or a smart STB.

The second thing that you have to look at is your budget. Set-Top Boxes now come in a range of options. There are some very costly ones, and then there are some very cheap ones as well. Android STBs usually fall in the range of a little expensive, but not too expensive. Set-Top Boxes such as Airtel Xstream Box, Tata Sky Binge+, and more can be obtained well within the price of Rs 4,000 and lesser.

Once you are done with deciding the kind of STB you want and the budget you have, you need to decide the operator you wish to get your services from. Some of the well known Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators in India are Tata Sky, Dish TV, D2h, Airtel Digital TV, and Sun Direct. Either of these operators can provide you with multiple Set-Top Boxes depending on your choice.

Also, if you are getting multiple connections in the same house, then you should consider purchasing the Set-Top Box from an operator who charges the least for a multi-TV connection.

These are some of the basic tips that you can take and consider before purchasing a new STB.

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