Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan, Purchase Samsung Device at 70% of MRP and Pay 30% Next Year

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Flipkart has just announced a new program called ‘Smart Upgrade Plan’ in association with Samsung Galaxy Forever. A thing worth noting here is that this is not the first time Samsung has announced such an offer. Religious Samsung and Flipkart followers know that this offer was announced much earlier, but the difference this time will be the smartphones which are placed under the offer. With the Flipkart ‘Smart Upgrade Plan’ users can buy a smartphone right away at 70% of its cost and pay the remaining 30% next year if they wish to — More details ahead.

Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan, Devices on Offer and Program Explained

First of all, note that only three Samsung devices are under the Smart Upgrade Plan offer at the moment. These devices are - Samsung Galaxy F41, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and Galaxy S20+. The Smart Upgrade Plan could be added on to the cart while ordering the smartphone for a mere cost of Rs 11. Once done, you will be eligible to claim the benefits of the offer.

So here is how this offer works. When you go and purchase either of the above-mentioned devices, you will only have to pay 70% of the amount right now. For example, if there is a Samsung device worth Rs 10,000 on offer under Smart Upgrade Plan, on the purchase of that particular device, you will only have to pay Rs 7,000 (70% of MRP) right away. The remaining 30% of the amount can be paid by you a year later in case you want to continue using the device. Or else, you can exchange it with any other device on Flipkart.

A device can be bought under the Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan through various payment mediums and even in an EMI (equated monthly instalments) system. On the checkout page, a 30% discount will be applied on to the device.

Also, a thing to remember here is that when the customer decides to exchange the device a year later, he/she will also have to return the original box, charger, and other accessories provided in the box along with the device.

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