Do You Really Need Unlimited Data With Your Broadband Plan?

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Broadband internet consumption has gone up in the last few months in India. People require a more stable, reliable, and faster internet connection for working and learning from home. Thus the broadband internet is a much better option than mobile networks because of regular network congestions. One thing that every user always wants is a lot of data. Because with a high-speed internet connection, a small amount of data can fly away in a jiffy. So most of us usually go for an unlimited internet broadband plan. But do we actually need it? Read ahead to find out.

Why You Might Not Need to Get an Unlimited Data Broadband Plan

Today, almost every internet service provider (ISP) provides users with unlimited data plan options. But even in the case of unlimited data, there are only a handful of plans which come with truly unlimited data. Rest of the other unlimited data plans usually come with 3.3TB or 3,300GB data. The question is, do you need this much of data for a month?

The first question that you need to answer is what are your needs for internet data. Make a list of everything that you do with your broadband data. Once done, assess how much data you are consuming. You can do so by checking on your data consumption from the broadband connection in the last few months. If it is anything more than a 1,000GB or 1TB data in a month, an unlimited broadband plan is suitable for you.

But if not, then you are wasting your money. Unlimited data plans are also good for people who are digital content creators because they have to download files in bulks and also upload them on a daily.

Adding to this, if you live alone and you have basic data needs, getting an unlimited data broadband plan is not the wisest thing to do. There are plans which come with lesser fair usage policy (FUP) data for the month which can be sufficient for you. Also, unlimited data plans are suitable for people who are running their business online.

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