Vodafone Idea’s Next Move Could be Enterprise Solutions, Here’s Why

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Vodafone Idea (Vi) has launched a series of new enterprise solutions in the last couple of days. The telco has a separate arm called ‘Vi Business’ that caters to the needs and demands of enterprises throughout India.

Vi’s next move could be providing ‘enterprise solutions’ in the market. This is because no matter what Vi is doing, the amazing offers it keeps on rolling out, the telco has not seen a net gain in quarterly or monthly subscribers. This has been going on for far too long for the company now.

Thus, the recent launch of Internet-of-Things (IoT) service and enterprise mobility solutions hint that the company is moving towards a different part of the market. Now, Vi wouldn’t be the first company to do that.

Airtel, despite having such an impressive portfolio of high average revenue per user (ARPU) users and strong financials, focuses a lot on serving other businesses of India. This means that Airtel doesn’t need to rely on only one segment of the market; it can make money off multiple kinds of customers and clients.

Vi might be looking to do the same, however, with a few key differences. All of the enterprise activities of the telco is handled by ‘Vi Business’, the enterprise arm of the company. Vi will offer customised plans and services according to the needs of enterprises through Vi Business.

For the unaware, Vi is already the biggest IoT telecom service provider in India. The telco leverages its 5G ready-network to provide IoT services to customers. In its mobility solutions segment, Vi offers postpaid plans especially aimed at businesses along with other useful features and services.

Vi Business Plus Postpaid Plans

Vi Business allows clients to provide their employees with ‘Business Plus postpaid plans starting from Rs 299. These plans come with the facility of location tracking, data pooling, entertainment benefit, and mobile security.

Further, the telco offers international roaming plans which could be utilised in more than 80 countries. Vi provides clients with ‘Customer Targeting Solutions’ aimed to help them in marketing and creating better strategies to attract new customers and retain older ones.

The telco allows businesses or enterprises to share their needs with them through its website and customer care portal. Depending on the client’s needs, the telco will develop the appropriate solution to best tackle the customer’s problems.

These are only a handful of services that Vi already provides to its business clients.

Vi Finally Going Towards Business Market?

We believe that the telco might be focusing more on the ‘enterprise’ side of the market rather than on the low ARPU mobile customers. With enterprises and other businesses on its portfolio, the telco would be able to increase its overall revenues and utilise its spectrum resource and other resources in an efficient manner.

This also makes a lot of sense since the telco isn’t seeing any results in the 4G market controlled by both Jio and Airtel. Note that this is not an official statement from the company or anyone else. We are assuming Vi could be going towards the enterprise part of the market for higher revenues.

There’s no way the company would pivot to a completely new business by ditching the 3G and 4G subscribers and only focus on the enterprise part of the market.

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