Xiaomi, Oppo Might Go Apple’s Way and Introduce In-House 5G Chips: Report

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Qualcomm and MediaTek are the two big names when it comes to smartphone chipsets manufacturing. Both the companies have dominated the entire smartphone market worldwide. All the major smartphone brands across the globe are relying on these two brands for smartphone processors. However, it seems that new players are also invigorating themselves to step into the chipset industry. As per the reports, Xiaomi and OPPO are working on their in-house 5G smartphone SoCs. Yes! You read it correctly, soon we might   witness Xiaomi and OPPO smartphones with their in-house chipsets and it would be really interesting to welcome new players in the chipset market. 

Xiaomi and OPPO Mobile SoCs 

We are not claiming anything right now, but a report from Digitimes has suggested that both the Chinese smartphone brands are planning to launch their in-house sub-6 GHz 5G smartphone CPUs either at the end of this year or in early 2022. Further, the report suggests that Unisoc, the Shanghai-based chip maker company is going to join both companies to help them in developing their SoCs. 

The news popped up on the internet in the wake of China’s growing investments in the semiconductor industry. It seems that the country is expanding its efforts to produce chips in the home country. This will make them independent and they wouldn’t have to rely on other foreign chipset makers like Qualcomm and MediaTek. 

Huawei already faced some big challenges from the US government. The country has cut down on all the component sales to Huawei for its smartphones. This could happen to any other Chinese smartphone manufacturer if the US-China relation doesn’t seem to be settling down anytime soon. Keeping all these consequences in mind the Chinese government has ramped up its efforts to become self-dependent. 

Going with the earlier rumours, it was reported that Oppo is planning to enter the chipset industry with its mobile SoC called Mariana Plan. According to the reports, the chipset development for Oppo is led by a former senior Qualcomm executive. However, we are still uncertain about the information and suggest you take it with a grain of salt. 

Xiaomi on the other hand recently announced its first in-house image signal processing (ISP) chip called the Surge C1. The successful chip making shows that the company is capable enough of developing a 5G smartphone chipset. It would be interesting to see some more players in the chipset market giving competition to well established Qualcomm and MediaTek. 

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