Dish 5G Network Now Covers 70 Percent of the US Population

Dish Wireless successfully deploys 5G broadband service to over 70 percent of Americans, marking a major achievement in the telecom industry. The company's innovative network and commitment to Open RAN technology drive the transformation of wireless communication.


  • Dish Wireless delivers 5G broadband to over 240 million Americans in record time.
  • The company's cloud-native Open RAN network sets a new industry standard.
  • Dish becomes the first US provider to offer 5G voice service (VoNR).

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Dish 5G Network Now Covers 70 Percent of the US Population

US telco Dish Wireless has announced the successful rollout of 5G broadband service to over 70 percent of the US population, providing more than 240 million Americans with access to cutting-edge connectivity technology. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Dish, as they have designed, built, and deployed a first-of-its-kind 5G network in just three years. Furthermore, DISH says it has fulfilled all of its other commitments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by launching over 15,000 5G sites.

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Leading the Industry in Open RAN Deployment

According to the statement, this extensive coverage is made possible by utilizing Dish's AWS-4, Lower 700 MHz E Block, AWS H Block, and 600 MHz spectrum. This expansive network enables Dish to deliver high-speed broadband services to a vast portion of the country.

According to the statement, Dish's 5G cloud-native Open RAN network stands as the world's first and only one of its kind. Dish emphasized its commitment to leading the industry in Open RAN deployment.

First US Provider to Launch VoNR

In addition to achieving widespread coverage, Dish Wireless has also become the first wireless service provider in the United States to launch 5G voice service, known as voice over new radio (VoNR). Starting with its successful implementation in Las Vegas last year, Dish says it has steadily expanded VoNR functionality to additional markets.

Currently, Dish's VoNR service covers over 70 million people across the US, accessible through both Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite.

According to the statement, "With the Dish 5G network available for voice, text, and data services in more markets across the US, Dish anticipates reaping the benefits of owner economics."

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DISH Project Genesis

Customers within the 70 percent coverage area can access the Dish 5G broadband network through Project Genesis. This initiative allows customers to provide valuable input on network performance, benefiting the broader retail wireless user base.

Project Genesis: Customer Input on Network Performance

To sign up for unlimited data, voice, and text through Project Genesis, interested individuals can visit Dish also announced that the Motorola edge+ 2023, equipped with three carrier aggregation supporting Bands 29, 66, 70, and 71, is now available to Project Genesis subscribers.

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Expanding 5G Network

Moreover, Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite subscribers who own or purchase network-compatible devices can access the Dish 5G network in over 50 markets nationwide. Dish plans to expand its coverage and availability of network-compatible devices throughout the year, offering more options to its customers.

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Dish Wireless

Dish Wireless is a subsidiary of Dish Network Corporation. With the acquisition of Boost Mobile in 2020, Dish became a nationwide US wireless carrier. Through its approach to wireless technology, Dish says it is building the nation's first virtualized, O-RAN 5G broadband network. This transformational network encompasses the Boost Infinite, Boost Mobile, and Gen Mobile wireless brands.

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