Verizon Introduces Customisable Wireless Plans With myPlan, First in the US

Verizon introduces myPlan, a customizable wireless plan that allows customers to pay for what they need and create their own personalized packages. Users can choose their Unlimited network option, add perks like the Apple Music Family plan, and make changes conveniently through the MyVerizon App.


  • Verizon revolutionizes wireless plans with myPlan, offering personalized options.
  • Customers can select their preferred Unlimited network option and add perks at USD 10 per month.
  • Changes to the plan can be easily made through the user-friendly MyVerizon App.

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Verizon Launches myPlan, First in the US Plan

Verizon, one of the leading wireless providers in the United States, is revolutionizing the industry by offering customers the freedom to create their own personalized wireless plans with myPlan. Putting an end to traditional bundled packages, Verizon is embracing a customised approach, allowing users to pay for only what they need while enjoying cost savings.

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End of Bundles: Verizon Introduces myPlan

With myPlan, customers have full control over their wireless experience. They can tailor their plans to suit their specific requirements and easily make changes whenever needed. By breaking away from the conventional "one size fits all" approach, Verizon aims to provide greater flexibility and transparency to its customers.

Choose Your Unlimited Network Option

The first step in creating a myPlan is selecting an Unlimited network option. Customers can choose between Unlimited Welcome, which offers fast and reliable 5G connectivity, or Unlimited Plus, which provides access to 5G Ultra Wideband, Verizon's fastest 5G network. Unlimited Plus also includes 30GB of premium mobile hotspot data and offers up to 50 percent off a watch, tablet, hotspot, or Hum plan.

To make it even more appealing, the price of the Unlimited Plus monthly plan is guaranteed for three years (excluding taxes and fees) for a limited time. Both options ensure an exceptional network experience on America's most reliable 5G network, with no smartphone data caps or deprioritization.

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Customize with Perks and Services

After selecting the network, customers can customize their plan by adding their favourite content and services, known as "perks." Each perk is available for just USD 10 per month, allowing customers to save on their preferred options. Some popular myPlan perks include the Disney Bundle, 100GB Mobile Hotspot, Apple One, Walmart+ Membership, Apple Music Family, Smartwatch data and safety, +play Monthly credit, 3 TravelPass Days, and 2TB Cloud Storage.

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Apple Music Service

To enhance the music streaming experience, Verizon is offering the Apple Music Family plan for the first time. This plan allows customers and up to five family members to enjoy over 100 million songs, expertly curated playlists, and immersive Spatial Audio.

Convenient Changes with the MyVerizon App

Verizon emphasizes the convenience and simplicity of managing myPlan through the MyVerizon App. Customers can effortlessly adjust and customize their plans directly from their phones, without the need for phone calls or visits to retail stores. There are no hidden change fees or complications, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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myPlan Charges

The cost of a myPlan varies based on individual preferences. Starting at just USD 30 per line per month with Unlimited Welcome and a USD 10 per line AutoPay discount for four or more lines (excluding taxes and fees), customers have the freedom to add or remove features to create their desired plan. For those opting for Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Welcome, each line costs USD 80 per month and USD 65 per month, respectively.


Verizon's myPlan is designed for those who seek a personalized wireless experience without being confined to pre-determined packages. The company aims to empower customers by offering an easy and convenient way to adapt their plans according to their needs.

The myPlan offering is available starting from May 18 at Verizon's retail stores,, and the MyVerizon App. Embrace the change and take charge with myPlan.

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