Crossbeats Expected to Grow Revenue by 4 Times

Crossbeats is expecting its revenues to grow by four times when compared with its current financial standing. The company expects to grow across all omni channels which will help with boosting its business.


  • Ignite S3 Pro is certainly a gunner of a product and a great smartwatch, says Archit Agrawal.
  • Crossbeats focuses on delivering top notch products all the time.
  • All of the products from Crossbeats come with a standard warranty of 12 months.

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Crossbeats focuses on innovation and has distinguished itself with futuristic design while all the same time keeping a check on the pricing of its products, says Archit Agrawal, co-founder, Crossbeats.

Q1. How Are Company Products Gaining Traction in the Market?

Answer - Crossbeats has always been in the limelight due to its cutting-edge technology and aesthetically appealing designs. Our products are getting maximum traction in the market due to the consistency in delivering newer products in shorter time intervals enabling consumers to buy their choice of product anytime.

Q2. What Do You Do to Increase the Recall Value of Your Brand?

Answer - We do a lot of things in the background, starting from re-marketing, emailers, social posts and more. One way to ensure a solid brand recall is to deliver top-notch products each time and have a solid messaging passed onto the consumers through our social platform or through the influencers, along with occasional contests or giveaways.

Q3. TWS Is the New Technology in the Market; how Does Crossbeats Get the Response From the Market? Is the Brand Doing an Update in Its TWS Products?

Answer - TWS is not very new in the market; speaking statistically, it has been around for quite some time now. We are, in fact doing great in the market for the TWS segment with noticeable evolutions in our products lineups. From the basic TWS earbuds to advanced noise cancelling earbuds, we have definitely given the audience everything they need! In the coming days, we will constantly upgrade the technology and design elements to match the expectations of our consumers.

Q4. According to the Reports, Brands Like Noise and Boat Are Grabbing the Market So How Are You Trying to Keep Up With Competitor Brands?

Answer - Our mantra to keeping the brand going head-on with competition is the innovation and engineering we add into making these benchmark flagships that we have today in our arsenal. Though the competition is tight, we have easily stood distinguished with futuristic designs and a plethora of features on both our TWS and smartwatches. Having said this, we also ensure our pricing and positioning is quite unique that consumers easily identify where they need to invest for the right value proportions.

Q5. The Company Recently Launched Crossbeats Ignite S3 Pro Having Health Vitals; how Accurate Are These Compacted Sensors and Sophisticated Pieces of Technology on the Smartwatch?

Answer - Ignite S3 Pro is certainly a gunner of a product and a great smartwatch. All we’d say from the house of Crossbeats is that no smartwatch can give out accurate health information, and one should not depend upon these numbers. These are just approximately figures to upkeep your everyday health status, and before taking any decision based on these, one should always visit a certified health expert or a doctor for actual consideration.

Q6. How Are You Dealing With After-Sale-Service? How Many Service Centers Does Crossbeats Have in India?

Answer - Our after-sales service is pretty much transparent, and that’s how we have kept our policies too. Our products come with a standard 12 months manufacturers warranty, and we also have a dedicated service line for emails and queries. Currently, we have only one service centre, and that is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Q7. What Is the Future Plan for Expanding Your Business? Also, Share Your Expected Revenue?

Answer - Right now, we are in a limited space; we would like to make it across all Omni channels and expand the business everywhere. In terms of growth, we expect to grow 4x when compared to our current financial standing.

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