Claro Peru Launches USD 50 Million Data Center in Lima, Peru

Claro Peru has launched a USD 50 million Tier 3 data center in Lima. This facility, powered by renewable energy, promises to revolutionize digital infrastructure in Peru.


  • Initial phase features 250 sqm IT room and 104 advanced cabinets.
  • Integrated with Claro's global network for seamless connectivity.
  • Operates on renewable energy, promoting sustainability in Peru.

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Claro Peru Launches USD 50 Million Data Center in Lima
Claro Peru, a subsidiary of America Movil, announced the launch of a new USD 50 million data center in Lima, the capital of Peru, last week. The first phase of this Tier 3 data center was officially inaugurated on December 6. Claro Peru claims it to be the most modern facility in the country, designed to meet the growing demand from private companies and public entities to migrate their infrastructure, processing, and storage to the cloud.

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Claro Peru Data Center

In this initial phase, the Claro Peru Data Center is going live with 250 sqm of IT room space that is Uptime Tier 3 certified, accommodating 104 cabinets. These cabinets are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software to achieve better energy efficiency and high availability, meeting international standards.

Claro Peru said, "We are a company that invests in the development of the digital economy for companies and public and private sector organisations in Peru, serving as a benchmark in the digital transformation of businesses in the country."

Global Network Integration with America Movil

The data center project integrates not only Claro's communications network in Peru but also joins the global network of data centers operated by America Movil. This allows the company to offer customers high standards and connectivity capabilities for IT services.

"That Peru is part of this (network) is an extremely important milestone in terms of connectivity and the development of technological solutions, in addition to allowing us to have a unique offer and ensure the operability of the service beyond our borders," added Claro Peru.

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The data center is supplied with electricity through a renewable energy certificate for energy consumption with Luz del Sur, a Peruvian electric power distributor, maintained by Claro as part of the free user's contract.

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