This Broadband Provider is Offering 200 Mbps Connection Without FUP Limit at Rs 1499 in Chennai

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South India based internet service provider, Cherrinet has exciting broadband plans with super fast speeds for both personal and commercial usage. Operational in major cities of Tamil Nadu, their broadband plans offer speeds from 100Mbps to as high as 1Gbps. Cherrinet is currently offering services in major cities such as Chennai, Puducherry, Trichy, Madurai and Tirunelveli. The ISP has several broadband plans ranging from Rs 999 and with some plans, it's also offering Sun NXT subscription for free.


Unlimited Plans
As part of Unlimited Plans, Cherrinet is offering an ultra high-speed 200Mbps plan with unlimited internet usage without any FUP limits. This means users enjoy download/upload at full speed throttle without worrying about usage. The company has three plans as part of its Unlimited Plans.

Starter broadband plan offers 100Mbps speed and costs Rs 999 per month. The Starter Neo plan offers 150Mbps speed and is priced Rs 1299 per month. Basic plan offers 200Mbps and are priced Rs 1499 per month.

Lite Plans
For customers who are looking for cheaper plans, Cherrinet has a Lite Plan which offers speeds within 50Mbps to 40Mbps. While in Chennai the speed is 40Mbps, the company offers 50Mbps in other regions. The plan also comes with 80GB FUP limit and post FUP the speed drops down to 512Kbps. The Lite Plan starts for Rs 799 exclusive of GST.

SME Plans
The company also has SME plans, and as the name suggests, these are aimed at small and medium enterprises. These plans come with FUP limits, and speed ranges from 200Mbps to 250Mbps depending on the region and plan. The company has four plans in this category.

The SME Silver starts at Rs 1999 and offers 750GB of data and post usage speed is 1Mbps. The SME Gold, Diamond and Platinum go for Rs 2999, Rs 3999 and Rs 4999 with 950GB, 1150GB and 1500GB data respectively. Post usage speed for these plans is 2Mbps. However, these speeds and data are for Chennai region and vary from circle to circle.

G-Force Plans
Cherrinet also falls under the Gigabit operators list. Under its G-Force plans, the company claims to offer whopping 1Gbps speed which is ten times faster than normal 100Mbps connection. The company claims Full HD movies even with 20GB in size can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Of course, these plans are super expensive. The G-Force 2 with 4TB FUP starts from Rs 9999, G-Force 6 with 12TB FUP goes for Rs 24999 and lastly G-Force 10 with 20TB FUP costs upwards of Rs 34999 per month. The G-Force plans are currently available in Chennai only.

As part of the promotional offer for new customers, Cherrinet is also offering two months of free service upon booking their broadband plan for a period of a year. The company is also giving 12 months SUN NXT subscription free. In addition, those who book the plan for six months get one-month free service and six months of Sun TV subscription free. Finally, those who book the service for three months get free Sun NXT subscription for three months. The company is also waiving installation charges for all their customers.

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