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Starlink Not Getting India License Quickly Might be Partly because of Verizon

While Starlink is present in many countries already, one geography where it has faced tremendous trouble is India. The satellite-based internet service provider wants to reach rural and underserved areas to extend the benefits of digitalisation to everyone. A move, that the government should back, is facing issues due to the regulatory environment. Since Starlink is a US-based company, the Indian government needs to know the companies with a stake... Read More

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Starlink Finally Gets GMPCS License in India from DoT: Report

Starlink, a SpaceX-owned company, has been trying for years to be a part of the Indian connectivity ecosystem. However, due to not receiving the regulatory approvals, Starlink hasn't started services in India yet. Eutelsat OneWeb and Jio Satellite Communications are the only two companies that have the approvals or necessary licenses from the govt to offer satellite broadband in the country. Well, Starlink has just taken a big step further... Read More

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Singtel Adds Starlink Satellite Connectivity to Its Maritime Portfolio of Services

Singaporean telecommunications company Singtel has announced a partnership with Starlink to enhance its maritime digital offerings. The collaboration aims to drive the adoption of digital solutions by ship owners and operators, allowing them to leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, edge computing, and access cloud-based solutions, to improve safety, operational efficiencies, and crew well-being. Also Read: Singtel Successfully Trials 5G RedCap Technology in Singapore Integration of Starlink's... Read More

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SpaceX Deploys First Six Direct to Cell Capability Satellites for Starlink

SpaceX, recently deployed the first six 'Direct to Cell' satellites for Starlink. The Falcon 9 rocket was used to launch 21 satellites to orbit from California. This included the six 'Direct to Cell' satellites. The company has confirmed that the satellites were successfully deployed. With this, smartphones can directly get satellite service without requiring any additional hardware. So in places where terrestrial cellular networks can't reach, the beams of these... Read More

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Starlink Quietly Brings a New Terminal, But it is Not for Everyone

Starlink, a global satellite internet service provider, has brought a new terminal to the market. The new Starlink terminal has been introduced quietly and it is not for everyone at the moment. According to a report from TheVerge, the new terminal comes with a 10% broader field of view along with a kickstand. Starlink has said that the new standard kit is only available for a small group of customers... Read More

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Starlink to Offer Free Internet in Mexico, Gets a $90 Million Contract

Starlink, a major satellite communications player, has secured a contract from the Mexican government to offer free internet in the country. To be specific, Starlink has secured a 1.56 billion peso ($89.80 million) contract to offer free internet in Mexico until the end of 2026, said a Reuters report. Elon Musk owned Starlink won the contract from the Mexican government because it was ready to offer the best prices in... Read More

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Starlink to Offer Space Broadband Directly to Phone from 2024

Starlink will start the 'Direct to Cell' service in 2024. Users will be able to get seamless access to text, voice, and data if they have an LTE phone. It is a more natural progression towards boosting the adoption of satellite connectivity services by consumers. The company has shared the details about the service that will launch next year on its website. Starlink said, "Starlink satellites with Direct to Cell... Read More

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Starlink Addresses Indian Govt’s Concern, May Launch Services Soon

SpaceX-owned Starlink plans to offer satellite broadband globally to eradicate connectivity issues in regions where traditional fiber internet can't reach. While the company is already offering services in many countries across the globe, it has not been able to start in a major market - India. The Indian government isn't comfortable with the notion that data of the customers may be taken outside the boundaries of India since Starlink has... Read More

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Paratus to Distribute Starlink Services in Africa: Report

Starlink and Paratus have signed a reseller agreement where Paratus has agreed to distribute the services of Starlink across Africa. Initially, the Starlink services will be available in Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Nigeria. Paratus will provide the services in these countries with immediate effect, according to a Broadcast Pro report. Paratus already has business reach and its own distribution channel in Africa, and that is why this deal will help... Read More

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Starlink Launched 21 Satellites via Falcon 9 Rocket on September 25

Starlink, a global satellite communications (satcom) player successfully launched 21 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites on September 25, 2023. The launch took place via the SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon 9 rocket took off at 4:48 AM EDT (0848 GMT; 1:48 AM local California time) from the Vanderberg Space Force Base in California. The company shared the live feed of the broadcast through its official handle on X (formerly... Read More

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Starlink May Get License to Start Services in India Soon: Report

SpaceX-owned satellite internet company Starlink may soon get the license required to start services in India. To offer satellite broadband services in India, a company requires a GMPCS (global mobile personal communication by satellite) service license. OneWeb and Jio Satellite Communications Ltd have already acquired this license. According to a TOI report, a high-level meeting is scheduled for later this month where Starlink's proposal for a GMPCS service license will... Read More

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KDDI Partners With SpaceX to Bring Satellite-to-Cellular Service to Japan

The Japanese telecom provider KDDI announced today that it has signed an agreement with SpaceX to introduce satellite-to-cellular service in Japan. Leveraging SpaceX's Starlink low earth orbit (LEO) satellites and KDDI's extensive national wireless spectrum, this partnership aims to enhance cellular connectivity in areas, including remote islands and mountains that have been traditionally hard to reach using conventional 4G and 5G networks. Also Read: Ericsson and KDDI Deploy Japan’s First... Read More

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