BSNL Voice Only STVs Start at Just Rs 19 and Offer Unlimited Calling Benefit

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The government-owned telecom operator, BSNL keeps on launching new interesting plans for its customers. It recently launched an amazing fiber internet plan. The telco dropped its plan offering 200 Mbps speed and instead launched a new plan with 100 Mbps speed which is offering 1.4TB of data. But that's for data, coming to the voice calling services, BSNL’s Tamil Nadu circle is offering STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers) to its customers. We are going to focus on the voice-only STVs. The telco is offering 5 voice only STVs which start from a mere Rs 19 and can offer unlimited calling benefit as well. Let’s take a look at all the voice-only STVs from BSNL.

BSNL Voice Only STV of Rs 19

This is the cheapest special tariff voucher (STV) under the voice-only category from BSNL. It comes for only Rs 19. There are no other benefits except for voice calling with this voucher as the name suggests. However, calls do not become free completely, you have to pay 20 Paise per minute for your calls. You can make calls to any network you wish to. The validity of the voucher stands at 30 days from the day of purchase.

BNSL Voice Only STV of Rs 99

This is the second voucher offered from BSNL under the voice-only STV category. It comes for Rs 99. Unlike the Rs 19 voucher though, you will get unlimited calling benefit with this voucher. However, the unlimited calling benefit is for 250 minutes per day only. After that every call that you make, you will be charged at base tariff. Also for all the calls made to premium numbers and international numbers include a certain fee as well. The validity of the voucher is 22 days only.

BSNL Voice Only STV of Rs 135

The third voice-only STV from BSNL comes for Rs 135. With this STV, you get unlimited calling every day for up to 300 minutes. After you have exhausted your 300 minutes for the day, you will be charged at base tariff for calling. The voucher comes with a validity of 24 days only.

BSNL Voice Only STV of Rs 209

The Rs 209 STV from BSNL comes with a validity of 90 days. It is a voice-only STV from BSNL. It doesn’t come with unlimited calling benefit though. You will get Rs 25 talk time on your account balance. For every call that you make to any network, you will be charged 1 Paise per 2 seconds for the call.

BSNL Voice Only STV of Rs 319

This is the most expensive voice-only STV from BSNL. With the Rs 319 STV, you will get unlimited calling benefit. The validity of the Rs 319 voice STV is of 75 days only.

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