Airtel Broadband Unlimited Data Add-On: Costs Just Rs 299 per Month and Valid Across All Plans

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Internet has become one of the most important things for people throughout the world. Without it, most people’s work would come to a halt. Prepaid and postpaid mobile data plans are good, but they still don’t offer the same flexibility broadband plans do. Airtel is one of the oldest broadband players in the market. Not long ago, it launched its fibre services as well. Since it is still an early phase of operations for Airtel in setting up their fibre connections in every part of India, the telco has still managed to reach most of the major cities of India. Very soon, Airtel Xstream Fibre connections will be available throughout India. Across all the cities where it has operations, Airtel Xstream Fibre plans come in just four variations priced at Rs 799, Rs 999, Rs 1,499 and Rs 3,999. While the first plans have an FUP limit, the Rs 3,999 broadband offering from Airtel comes with unlimited data. But there's an unlimited data add-on from Bharti Airtel which is priced at Rs 299 and it can be availed on any Airtel Xstream Fibre plan.

Additional Unlimited Data with Airtel Rs 299 Add-On

In case your FUP limit has reached and you don’t have high-speed data anymore, you can purchase additional unlimited data pack from Airtel. It will come for a cost of Rs 299 per month and will give you access to unlimited data at high speeds. But the catch here is that the unlimited data is again limited to 3.3TB data only. But that is more than enough for the majority of us. With that said, let's now take a look at Airtel's broadband plans.

Airtel Broadband Plan Rs 799 - Basic Plan

The cheapest plan which you will get with the Airtel Broadband is of Rs 799. With this plan, you will get 150GB data at speed of up to 100 Mbps. There is unlimited calling facility included as well. Also, you will get a single benefit of Airtel Xstream subscription. You can also avail more benefits with the Airtel Thanks app. After you have exhausted all your high-speed 150GB data, the speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps.

Airtel Broadband Plan Rs 999 - Entertainment Plan

This is the second plan which you will get from Airtel Broadband. With this plan, you will get a total of 300GB data at speed of up to 200 Mbps. Again, you will be availed with unlimited calling facilities. This plan also includes all the Airtel Thanks benefits. But apart from that, you will also get a subscription of Amazon Prime, ZEE5 Premium, and Airtel Xstream. After you have exhausted all your 300GB high-speed data, your downloading speed will be reduced.

Airtel Broadband Plan Rs 1,499 - Premium Plan

With the Premium plan of Rs 1,499 from Airtel Broadband, you will get a total of 500GB data at speed of up to 300 Mbps. You will get unlimited calls with this plan as well. The benefits of this plan include free subscriptions to Amazon Prime, ZEE5, and Airtel Xstream. You will get all the benefits of Airtel Thanks as well. After you have exhausted your 500GB monthly data, your browsing/downloading speeds will be reduced.

Airtel Broadband Plan Rs 3,999 - VIP Plan

This is the most expensive plan in Airtel Broadband. It is called the VIP plan and offers unlimited data at up to 1 Gbps speed. You will be able to make unlimited calls under this plan as well. With that, you will get free subscriptions of Amazon Prime, ZEE5, and Airtel Xstream as benefits. There will be all the Airtel Thanks benefits included as well. For the unaware, the unlimited data under this plan means 3.3TB data after which your speeds will be reduced.

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