BSNL and Vi’s Most Expensive Postpaid Plans Compared

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BSNL and Vodafone Idea postpaid plan

Most of the postpaid users don’t look beyond the plan they are already subscribed to for a long-time. This is because of the convenience of auto-pay service for some, and for some, it is that they are satisfied with the benefits of the plan. But to make better decisions, users need to be aware of the offerings in the market. Today, we are comparing the most expensive postpaid offerings from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and Vodafone Idea (Vi) to determine which one is the better option.

Even though most of you already know that Vi’s 4G networks give it an upper hand over the BSNL’s service, it is still worth looking at the complete benefits of each plan and understand which is better.

BSNL Plan 1525 Postpaid Plan

There is an activation cost of Rs 100 with the BSNL Plan 1525 postpaid plan. This plan will cost Rs 1,525 per month. The plan comes with truly unlimited voice calling and truly unlimited data without any fair-usage-policy (FUP) restrictions. Further, users also get 100 SMS/day with the plan. BSNL doesn’t provide any additional SIM cards for family connections. Since there is truly unlimited data offered with this plan, users won’t have any need for the additional data add-on vouchers that the company provides for the postpaid plans.

One of the oddest things is that BSNL doesn’t provide a single over-the-top (OTT) benefit with this plan when every other company is doing so.

Vodafone Idea REDX Plan

Vodafone Idea offers its REDX postpaid plan for Rs 1,099. This plan also offers users truly unlimited FUP data and unlimited voice calling. However, users get 100 SMS/month with the plan instead of 100 SMS/day with the BSNL’s Plan 1525.

There are OTT benefits included with the plan, such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar VIP, and Netflix for one year. Further, users also get free access to Vi Movies & TV app. The company also offers users free entry on domestic and international airport lounges. Users are also eligible to receive a Rs 2,999 worth international roaming pack for 7 days once a year.

Which Plan is Better?

It is evident that Vodafone Idea’s plan is not only better when it comes to benefits, it is also cheaper. There are no OTT benefits at all with the BSNL’s plan, while Vi’s plan has a ton of them. Vi offers its users benefits when they are travelling internationally, while BSNL doesn’t offer any such benefit.

At last, the network quality of Vi is multiple times better than that of BNSL’s. If you are someone who can’t tolerate 3G networks anymore, Vi’s postpaid plan makes more sense. Even when considering other things, Vi’s postpaid plan is ahead of BSNL’s plan except in terms of the number of SMSes that the users get.

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