Juniper Networks to Expand Networks for Telecom Egypt

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Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks has bagged a project from Telecom Egypt for upgrading and deploying a network capacity expansion. This capacity expansion would be done across Telecom Egypt’s national infrastructure. Currently, Telecom Egypt serves a customer base of 9.8m for fixed-line services, 7.3m for mobile and 6.9m for broadband services. The network upgrade program comes after the anticipation of exponential growth for network demands in the country.

The network upgrade program is designed to be in compliance with and path of the Egyptian Government’s Digital Egypt and ICT 2030 initiatives. It will not only add capacity to the existing network but also contribute flexibility through automation. Recently, Telecom Egypt revenue has increased by 20% to EGP 8.4 billion in the first quarter of 2021.

Technology behind the Network Upgrade

Juniper Networks stated in a press statement that the network would be equipped with 400G interfaces. This interface comes from Jupiter’s purpose-built IP transport portfolio. They further added that custom silicon would be used to reach the bandwidth capacity requirements ever-growing in Egypt. This technology deployment by Juniper would have characteristic features of customisation, automation and high performing network. This will also provide a scale-on-demand feature and assured service to Telecom Egypt.

Improved Infrastructure Agility is Key says CTO of Telecom Egypt

Mr Mohamed Alfowey, the Chief Technology Officer of Telecom Egypt, has commented on the project by saying that Telecom Egypt believes that a key competitive differentiator in the market is the ability to respond to the expeditiously changing customer needs. He also noted that improved infrastructure agility is important to meet these growing demands of their customers.

He further stated that Juniper’s innovation in cloud routing and network automation would benefit Telecom Egypt by enabling them to provide a faster, more resilient and predictable network to be 5G ready and help them overcome challenges to deliver an exceptional end-user experience in the long run. The press release also noted that the solution, when deployed, would feature an automated and flexible infrastructure that would assist in collecting, analysing, interpreting and responding to real-time data. It will also report its health status and traffic patterns.

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