BSNL doubles SIM card sales from May to June 2015 due to cheap tariffs and attractive offers

As per latest reports, BSNL’S new SIM card sales have almost doubled from May to June. People are showing interest again in BSNL due to its cheapest data packs and Pan -India free Roaming offers.


The gross SIM sales of BSNL has increased from 8.6 Lakhs in the month of May 2015 to 16.1 Lakhs in the month of July 2015. To boost the SIM sales and to increase the number of Port- In customers, BSNL already launched special MNP Plans like PV 77.

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Among all BSNL circles, the top performers in adding the most number of new GSM Mobile connections are Haryana, Kolkata Telecom District, Bihar, Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir, UP (East), Tamil Nadu and Karnataka telecom circles.

SIM Sales data of BSNL Circles
Zone Telecom Circle Sales in May 2015 Sales in June 2015 Sales in July 2015 % Increase in Sales wrt May 2015
East Andaman & Nicobar 4,755 4,551 5,193 9.21
Assam 17,155 12,957 14,282 -16.74
Bihar 24,458 40,936 64,276 162.80
Jharkhand 6,676 8,933 15,571 133.24
Kolkata 1,662 3,193 14,851 793.56
North East I 7,551 9,122 10,547 39.68
North East II 14,336 13,663 14,697 2.52
Orissa 51,027 64,033 91,375 79.07
West Bengal 8,875 11,374 17,083 92.48
North Punjab 29,999 29,999 58,446 94.83
Haryana 30,472 62,219 98,020 221.67
Himachal Pradesh 16,791 25,689 30,708 82.88
Rajasthan 30,342 46,826 67,743 123.26
Jammu & Kashmir 19,611 29,886 32,285 64.63
Uttar Pradesh (W) 35,575 62,827 189,241 431.95
Uttar Pradesh (E) 80,905 1,29,778 1,91,660 136.90
Uttarakhand 12,295 17,618 21,956 78.58
South Andhra Pradesh 1,00,311 1,09,566 1,50,478 50.01
Chennai 10,099 11,486 12,029 19.11
Tamil Nadu 57,796 76,041 1,32,671 129.55
Kerala 1,05,902 1,17,323 1,21,317 14.92
Karnataka 65,287 90,126 1,21,317 86.42
West Gujarat 41,310 50,326 66,939 62.04
Maharashtra 42,287 58,711 79,805 88.72
Madhya Pradesh 30,034 43,252 58,834 95.89
Chhattisgarh 21,575 23,670 28,347 31.39


8,67,086 11,67,143 16,10,061 85.68

These figures prove that BSNL’s new offers have already made an impact among mobile users. As we know, BSNL is under a revival stage and these newly launched offers would certainly help the PSU to regain its lost market share.

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56 Comments on "BSNL doubles SIM card sales from May to June 2015 due to cheap tariffs and attractive offers"


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August 22, 2015 8:07 pm 8:07 PM

congratulations to the new CMD (one of the greatest son’s of mother India) and his team for making the property (BSNL) of every Indian going up

August 22, 2015 11:51 am 11:51 AM

Even though Bsnl’s most revenue scoring circle is Kerala, They are not ready to improve 3g and 2g coverage in Kerala rural areas. Whereas Idea topplayer in thus region,covers almost all rural and urban under 3g.

Comparing private and public companies idea infrastructure improves day to day where as Bsnl is only interested or concentrated mostly in Urban areas

2000 new 3g towers are promised in state in accordance with digital India project . Hope it covers our location Kottayam, Karukachal area , Palamattom locality

Jacob Kerala
August 23, 2015 12:42 am 12:42 AM

I agree with you… Varghz…

vinodh Kumar
August 22, 2015 10:51 am 10:51 AM
These private operators (AVOID Group) bribed BSNL higher officials making them to sit idle -Not letting them to improve their n/w- these days. Everybody knows this fact. So called AVOID group lovers, stop commenting here like a Gentlemen. First tell your operators not to bribe them. Ask them to play a fair game. Then see who wins the race. BSNL started it’s 3G services in 2010 and hasn’t shown any improvement from then. But now in 2015, BSNL started shifting gears. It has improved it’s 3G n/w in Chittoor Dist- AP alot. I’m getting decent speeds of 1-1.5 MBps at… Read more »
August 21, 2015 6:40 pm 6:40 PM

BSNL = Bharat’s Super Network Limited

Bhawani Singh
August 21, 2015 4:14 pm 4:14 PM

I have purchased 1 new BSNL sim 2 months back…. surprise to see very good speed in Jodhpur …. more then 2.5 Mbps …

Bsnl has improved there service in Rajasthan…. now I can watch 360 PPI YouTube videos without offline….
Happy for BSNL

AK Sharma
August 21, 2015 2:04 pm 2:04 PM

BSNL is moving ahead of its old ideologies. So it has started a progress path. They have done incoming free while in roaming. Really a good move. Hope they will continue this. All the BEST BSNL !!

August 21, 2015 12:01 am 12:01 AM

Whatever people may say, thanks to BSNL ; I am being able to enjoy 3G at a very minimal rate. BSNL may not be the best but it is certainly far better than others.

August 20, 2015 9:36 pm 9:36 PM

I’m using BSNL for data and Airtel for voice. I’m satisfied with both of them

Jacob Kerala
August 20, 2015 9:01 pm 9:01 PM

It is foolish and total waste of time if you go for data usage with BSNL bcoz their 3G technology wise and capacity wise worser than even 2G by the private players. What is the use if we can’t use data when required but with Idea like companies Range and Data Speed and Uptime of data connections are far better compared to BSNL.
In short, BSNL is cheating by telling their net connection is cheaper and is providing namesake 3g of 2g quality with far worse call drop too.
Why use if we can’t use?

August 20, 2015 10:42 pm 10:42 PM

Dear Jacob,BSNL is now only at an infant stage of growth after Ravi Shanker Prasad has assumed the Telecom minister’s post. It definitely takes sometime to heal the wounds of BSNL created by previous looting,corrupted and inefficient Congress government!!!!so we have to keep patience…

hatim bhagat
August 20, 2015 8:43 pm 8:43 PM

I am super impressed with BSNL 3G in pune near my residence mg road camp i am getting 4 mbps speed in peak hours and 10 mbps in non peak hours…i am happy with the 3g plans super affordable tooo…

S Gopal
August 21, 2015 2:06 pm 2:06 PM

Whow! During my visits in the past to Pune I felt that BSNL network was not upto the mark especially in the Savitribai Phule Pune University campus and its surroundings. Good to learn that the network is in a significantly better state with decent speeds.


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