BSNL 4G Might Be Right Around the Corner for Many Circles as Telco Fastens Rollout

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) 4G service is the thing that are in most demand from the BSNL subscribers. The telecom operator is the only one in the Indian telecom industry right now which has been devoid of the 4G services, and the price is being paid by the subscribers who are yet to enjoy the faster data and all the other benefits that come with the fourth generational network, like VoLTE. However, although BSNL has the most sporadic 4G connectivity across India, things are surely about to change soon for the state-led telecom operator. BSNL has been on the task of testing out the 4G network across India in many states. As such, a lot of users have reported getting BSNL 4G services on their phones, and these customers still continue to enjoy BSNL 4G services. As per some of the new reports on the matter, in Kerala and other regions, BSNL might soon roll out 4G services in many areas, thus growing its prominence in the 4G network.


Massive BSNL 4G Rollout Across State

BSNL Kerala circle has said that it would be equipping 3700 towers with 4G services. This means that in the areas which are being serviced with these 3700 towers, BSNL would be shutting down 3G services and would instead shift to using 4G services. It is also worth noting that currently, BSNL is refarming its 3G spectrum so that it can use the spectrum for 4G services. As of now, BSNL does not have any 4G spectrum in hand to rollout separate 4G services. As per BSNL Kerala circle, the rollout of 4G services would also help the telecom operator in adding more subscribers to its subscriber base.

BSNL Kerala 4G Rollout

As opposed to the other states where BSNL has its reach, Kerala is one profitable circle for the state-led telecom operator. In the Kerala circle, BSNL gets a lot of traction from the consumers and is a major contributor to the overall BSNL revenue. Due to this reason, BSNL has asked that 3700 towers in the state be equipped with the 4G facility. As per the current state of 4G in India, the 4G service is available across 700 towers in the state. In Kerala, BSNL uses round 6,000 towers, whereas, across India, BSNL has got over 60,000 towers. The state-led telecom operator will need to deploy equipment on these towers to make them capable of 4G services.

As for the 4G spectrum, BSNL will be allocated the 4G spectrum administratively as per the relief package. In the relief package which was provided by the government for the revival of BSNL, the state-led telecom operator received a VRS package for almost 79,000 employees, along with the administrative allocation of the spectrum.

Bsnl 4G SIM and Kolkata Rollout

Only a few days back, BSNL had launched services in Kolkata and other regions as well. Regions like Barabazar, Esplanade and 2nd Bridge (Hoogly Bridge) in Kolkata got the BSNL 4G connectivity. In the speed test conducted on BSNL 4G, the users were able to get speeds as high as 17 Mbps in Kolkata. It is also crucial to note that BSNL subscribers will have to get a BSNL 4G SIM in order to enjoy the BSNL 4G services. For the subscribers of BSNL who are currently on a 2G or 3G SIM, the BSNL 4G SIM would be available for free of cost.

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