OnePlus Launches Red Cable Club for All Users With Data Storage, Exchange Benefits and More

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OnePlus has been known to inspire loyalty amongst its customers with very unique propositions and year on year, and the brand has been rolling out campaigns and services which do this very efficiently. This time around, OnePlus has brought the Red Cable Club for the OnePlus users under which the OnePlus phone owners will be able to get exclusive benefits. These benefits would include things like free cloud storage, extended warranty benefits, discounted battery replacement, and more. The good thing about the OnePlus Red Cable Club is that it will be eligible for all the OnePlus devices. This means that even the buyers of the latest OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 7T and the first device of the company, OnePlus One owners would be eligible for the membership as well. However, the users of OnePlus should keep in mind that the benefits which they will get will depend on what phone they are using. Another notable thing is that the Red Cable Club membership can be invoked only once per device.


How to Register for Red Cable Club

Now comes the question of how the users of OnePlus phones will be able to register for Red Cable Club. For that, depending on the device that you own, the registration process for the Red Cable Club would differ. Firstly, for the users of OnePlus 6 or the devices above them, the users will have to download the latest build of the OxygenOS, and then they will have to log in to the OnePlus account to link their phone for the Red Cable Club registration. As soon as these users login into the application, they would be registered to the Red Cable Club without any additional requirement.

The step would differ slightly for the other generation phones like the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus. For the users of these phones, the users will have to download the OnePlus Community application, and they will have to register for the Red Cable Club using this application. Inside the OnePlus Community app, they will have to navigate to the Community Section and then to Profile. This is where the users will be able to find the option to register themselves for the OnePlus Red Cable Club.

The process of registration for the OnePlus One and OnePlus Two and OnePlus X would be a little more tedious as they would have to download the OnePlus Care application. After this, the users will be required to verify their device, and then they will be required to register for the Red Cable Club.

Red Cable Club Benefits

Now coming to the benefits of the OnePlus Red Cable Club membership, the users will get a 50GB cloud storage for a year. It is worth noting that currently, the data storage service would be available for OnePlus 6 and newer models. But, other models of OnePlus smartphones will be added to the list as well. In addition to that, OnePlus Red Cable Club members can avail additional OnePlus Care services for free depending on the phone they are using. Further on, the users will be able to get extended one year warranty for OnePlus 6T and other newer models for free. There would also be a 50% discount on battery replacement for OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, and OnePlus 3. There would also be upgrade offers on all the other OnePlus phones launched so far.

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