BSNL 3G Plans Can Also Be Used in Locations Where 4G is Available

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Government-owned telco, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is working to set up its own 4G infrastructure and network in India. The telco is already eight years late in introducing its 4G services and that has been a huge problem for it lately. Most of the customers using BSNL prepaid SIMs still have to go with 3G plans. It hasn’t been an easy road for BSNL when looking for expanding its 4G services. Niti Aayog recently raised its concern related to the 4G tender from BSNL. The issue with BSNL’s tender was that it was overlooking Indian companies and manufacturers and giving the opportunity to Chinese foreign companies. But you know what the good thing is, you can still use BSNL’s 3G plan in locations where 4G is available.

Use 3G Plans and Get 4G Benefits

One advantage that BSNL users can get by recharging with 3G prepaid plans is that they can get 4G speeds as well. How does that happen? If you have a 3G prepaid plan from BSNL active on your device and you are in a zone which has 4G network of BSNL, then you will be getting 4G network speeds.

However, you won’t get many areas where BSNL has 4G network services. So only a few lucky users who live in the areas where BSNL provides 4G services or are near it will be able to enjoy the benefit. You can recharge with any of the 3G data prepaid plans to get the benefit. Any prepaid plan which doesn’t include data benefits from BSNL won’t be of any use.

Best 3G Plans from BSNL

BSNL has launched quite a few 3G plans even though it hasn’t been able to launch 4G plans in the country yet. One of its most interesting 3G plans is BSNL 1,999 plan. It comes for Rs 1,999 and offers 3GB daily data. The amazing benefit of this plan is that it is valid for up to 365 days. Along with that, it comes with unlimited calling and 100 SMS/day, Free caller tune, and Lokdhun contest. So if BSNL is offering 4G services in your area, you can recharge the Rs 1,999 plan to enjoy 4G speeds.

It also launched two proper 4G plans last year. The plans come for Rs 96 and Rs 236. Both these plans are valid in the 4G network area of BSNL. Any of the 4G plans are useless from the telco unless you are living in an area where 4G services are available from BSNL.

The wait for BSNL 4G is still going on and there is no clear indication from the telco on when it will make 4G services available for the customers. The issue is that whenever BSNL seems to make progress, it gets disrupted due to some reason or another. Whatever it is, to survive, BSNL needs to move fast now. Other telcos are already looking at building their 5G infrastructure while BSNL is still struggling to implement its 4G services.

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