Broadband Internet Disconnections – Reasons and Resolutions

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Broadband internet

Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. We use the internet not just for entertainment but also for work and getting our daily chores done like ordering groceries. Our dependency on the internet has reached levels where even a short span of disconnection becomes infuriating. We could be in the middle of a zoom meeting or making payments online, a smooth and stable internet at all times is a must.

However, frequent disconnections are something that is a part and parcel of a broadband internet connection. Although there could be a number of reasons for a network disconnection, the fix for those is usually easy.

Limitations in Download and Upload Speeds

Slow speed is one of the most common reasons for frequent broadband internet disconnection. If the speed of your internet connection is slow your device would have trouble picking up a stable connection. Multiple devices connected to the same broadband connection reduce the speed considerably. So, check your internet speed via speed testing websites or apps and upgrade your data packs for higher speeds.

Wi-Fi Router being used is Obsolete

A Wi-Fi router is responsible for being the bridge between your ISP providing internet and your device being able to access it. With newer broadband connections coming into the market, an old and obsolete Wi-Fi router would not be compatible to support such connections. Thus, if you upgrading your broadband data pack and have a very old Wi-Fi device, consider upgrading that too.

Any Issues on the ISP’s side

As we mentioned above an ISP or Internet Service Provider, is an establishment that provides you access to the internet via various mediums like fibre cables and satellite. If there are frequent planned or unplanned outages on your ISP’s side, you’ll face disconnections. Disconnections can also be due to maintenance work or any wear and tear of the cables. Although there is no way for you to fix it, keep chasing your ISP to fix these issues in a timely manner.

Giving Your Modem Some Rest

We all have faced the warming of our electronic devices if we use them extensively for long durations. Similarly, if your Wi-Fi modem is working 24x7, it can face heating issues which may slow down its functioning which directly translates to slow speeds for you. In such cases, just unplug your modem for a while and let it cool. Plug it back up after some time and it shall restore its functions and starting delivering high speeds to your devices.

Viruses Can Harm Your Broadband Internet Connection

There are many kinds and types of viruses that can be downloaded from the internet unknowingly. Such viruses are attached to apps or files that are downloaded from unverified and unsecured sources. These viruses can significantly drop your internet speed causing frequent disconnection of your broadband internet connections. The way to solve this issue is easy. Download antivirus software on your devices that would scan for all the data that is being downloaded and sites being browsed. These antivirus softwares can detect and kill any existing viruses as well. This will help you restore your speed and ensure a smooth and stable broadband internet connection.

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