Techniques to Fix a Broken Internet Connection

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Broken Internet Connection

The internet has become a basic necessity in the modern world. More and more companies and individuals are getting access to the Internet to browse, share and store data on the Internet. Internet outages cause hindrance in providing services, communication and much more. Our dependency on the Internet has increased drastically over the last decade. We have seen global outages in multinational tech giants become headlines. Thus, the need for a seamless internet connection at all times has become crucial. But here is what you can do in case you are unable to find your internet network.

Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network

Many internet service providers provide multiple Wi-Fi frequencies under a single connection. These networks can differ in speed you can get out of them. Telecom operators in India are on the path of successfully building widespread 5G network infrastructures. Since 5G networks are starting to reach cities, internet service providers set up two frequencies in a single Wi-Fi connection. In such a connection, one of the frequencies would be 2.4 GHz, which would ensure a stable connection with a wider range and comparatively lesser speed. The other frequency would be 5GHz, connecting to which you would get 5G speed but with a very limited range. In case one of the frequency networks has some issue, you can try to connect to the other one to access the Internet.

Regular Speed Tests

Speed is the most important aspect of an internet connection. The download and upload speeds combined constitute the internet connection. Depending on your use case, you would require a higher download or upload speeds or both. Internet Service providers advertise speeds for different plans that are charged differently. More often than not, the advertised speed is not what we reap the benefits. In some situations, if your internet speed is too slow (2G/3G), your Internet might not work. Thus, regular speed checks help ensure a healthy internet connection. Speed Test by Ookla is a platform that provides accurate speed test results. It also displays both download and upload speeds in an easy-to-understand manner.

Self-Diagnostics by ISP apps

Many internet service providers have their separate apps to provide exceptional after-sale services to their customers. Some of those apps also have a self-diagnostic feature that facilitates the user to run checks on their internet connection. This feature checks for any known outages in your area, backend hardware issues and more. If the app is able to figure out the issue, it’ll provide you with more information on the root cause. You can also use these apps to raise complaint tickets and contact customer support for your issue.

Diagnosis on Google Chrome Extension

Google is our saviour on the Internet. You can search for anything, and Google would have a solution for you. But, not many of us know that Google also has a Google Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics extension. This extension runs a number of checks on your laptop/desktop. Firstly, it checks if you are connected to an internet connection. If you are, it further checks for any other issues. Any issues that the extension pulls would be visible on the top of the window. You can also get details on the issues by clicking on them.

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