Wi-Fi Routers Can Do Multiple Things for You

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Wi-Fi routers

Wi-Fi Routers have revolutionised the way we use the internet. Gone are the days of using the internet on one single device that was connected to a broadband connection using lengthy untidy wiring. Now we can easily connect a Wi-Fi router to a broadband connection to create a broadband connection Wi-Fi network.

Connecting a router to a broadband connection not only gives us access to immensely higher internet speeds, but it does that wirelessly, on any device with a Wi-Fi-enabled and, on multiple devices at the same time. These use case scenarios have led to the widespread adoption of more and more technologically advanced Wi-Fi routers. You can use them at your home, workplaces, basically anywhere where you want to connect to the internet wirelessly.

List of Things Your Wi-Fi Router Can Do

Other than providing fast wireless internet to multiple users, a Wi-Fi router can be used for a lot of other purposes –

Scheduled Internet Access – As we mentioned above, routers can be used at home so that a single family can benefit from one single internet connection. If you have kids at home and you want to limit their internet usage in terms of the time they spend on the internet, you can do so using a Wi-Fi Router. These configurations can have specific settings for each MAC address that is connected to it. Meaning, you can choose to configure and schedule time limits for different MAC addresses.

File Sharing – We all know what a pain it is to share files through Bluetooth especially if they are huge in size. But thanks to the ever-blooming technology, Bluetooth for file sharing is history. When you connect your computer/laptop to a Wi-Fi network, you can choose to connect each and every device connected to the same network to get connected to your computer. If you choose to do so, you can easily transfer files between devices as all the devices are part of a local area network.

Set-Up Parental Controls – Similar to have we can set up parental controls on our televisions and block certain channels from being viewed. Although some Wi-Fi router network comes will basic controls to access certain websites, you can configure specific parental controls on a particular MAC address and restrict it from accessing a particular list of websites. You can also use this feature to prevent accidentally accessing any illegal sites.

Guest-Networks – There are two reasons why you would want to use your Wi-Fi router to set up a guest network – speed and security. We know that as more and more devices connect to a single network, your internet speed gets impacted. Wi-Fi routers help you configure a guest network that you can create for the purpose of sharing your internet with any guests. You can choose to limit its speed as well. Additionally, if your guests are connected to a different network, you don’t have to worry about them having access to the information of all the devices and internet usage of your main network.

Create a Cloud Space – Say for instance you have set up your Wi-Fi router in a small office where you need to constantly save and share data between teams. If your Wi-Fi router has a USB port, you can connect a secure, reliable and high storage hard drive to it. Now, all the devices connected to that Wi-Fi network will be able to save and access data on that hard drive. This will basically create a private cloud space for your team to save, share and access data without any hassles.

Print Wirelessly – You can connect a printer to your Wi-Fi router using a USB port. Once a wired connection is set between your printer and router, you would be able to send print commands directly from your phones to your printer using the Wi-Fi network wirelessly.

Although different Wi-Fi routers would have different sets of features available, a quick research would help you understand if your Wi-Fi router is capable to perform the above-mentioned tasks.

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