Bharti Airtel’s Gopal Vittal Highlights Smart Utilization of FTTH and Strong Growth in Broadband Segment

Airtel's MD and CEO shares insights on leveraging FTTH and outperforming the DTH industry during Q4 2023 earnings webinar.


  • Airtel strategically utilizes FTTH for wiring up towers, resulting in smart and efficient connectivity.
  • The broadband segment witnessed strong growth with 400,000 net-adds in the last quarter and a total impact of 1.6 million subscribers for the year.
  • Concentration of the market in the top 150 cities drives Airtel's rapid rollout and convergence strategy.

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Bharti Airtel's Gopal Vittal Highlights Smart Utilization of FTTH and Strong Growth in Broadband Segment

Bharti Airtel's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Gopal Vittal, recently provided valuable insights during the Fourth Quarter Ended March 31, 2023 Earnings Webinar. Vittal shed light on Airtel's smart utilization of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology for tower connectivity, as well as the remarkable growth of their broadband segment. Airtel offers high-speed broadband services through Airtel Xstream Fiber.

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Leveraging FTTH for Tower Wiring

Vittal shared that Airtel has added an impressive 33,650 kilometres of fibre, with a significant focus on leveraging FTTH technology for wiring up their towers. This strategic move has proven to be a game changer, enabling Airtel to wire their towers in a smart and efficient manner. By capitalizing on the benefits of FTTH, Airtel has achieved improved connectivity and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Strong Growth in the Broadband Business

Airtel's broadband segment has experienced strong growth, as Vittal highlighted a robust net addition of 400,000 subscribers during the last quarter of the financial year. This positive momentum has resulted in a remarkable full-year impact of 1.6 million net additions. Airtel's broadband services are now available in nearly 1,200 cities, up from 847, with a particular emphasis on key cities where the bulk of the growth is concentrated.

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Outperforming the DTH Industry

Vittal said, "In fact, April and May have been strong in terms of net additions, and I do want to say that our strategy of conversions, which is bringing the aggregation of all video content and linear content along with broadband, is working and we believe we are now outperforming the DTH industry by a margin."

With the strategic convergence of video content, linear content, and broadband services, Airtel has positioned itself as an industry leader. Vittal stated that Airtel is now outperforming the Direct-to-Home (DTH) industry by a significant margin. The company's strategy of bundling multiple services has resonated well with customers, contributing to its success in the broadband segment.

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Tailwinds in Homes and Enterprise Space

Vittal emphasized the positive market conditions in the homes and enterprise sectors, with growth in broadband services, convergence, and increased digitalization of businesses acting as key tailwinds. Airtel, recognizing its strengths in these areas, has ramped up its investments to drive its portfolio and further enhance its resilience. By capitalizing on these favourable trends, Airtel aims to continue its growth trajectory.

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Concentration in Top Cities

A significant 80 percent portion of the market for postpaid, broadband, convergence is concentrated in the top 150 cities, according to Vittal. Airtel has a renewed focus on rapid deployment, rolling out approximately 1.6 million home passes every quarter.

The company's convergence strategy, which combines broadband, linear content, and Xstream services, plays a central role in their entry into the home market, Gopal added.

Content Bundling

Gopal said, "Broadband plus linear content and Xstream where we are aggregating over 20 of the 35 odd OTT apps are all provided in the form of one plan."

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Strong Presence in Key Cities

Airtel's success is further bolstered by its strong presence in key cities. Vittal highlighted that 75 percent of the broadband market is concentrated in the top 150 cities.

Airtel has strategically positioned its own stores, installation teams, and digital marketing efforts in these cities to maximize its reach and impact. Additionally, the company benefits from a customer base of 30 million high-value homes that already utilize one or more of Airtel's services.

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In conclusion, Gopal Vittal's insights during the earnings webinar showcased Bharti Airtel's leadership in utilizing FTTH technology for tower connectivity and their strong growth in the broadband segment.

With a focus on convergence, accelerated rollout in key cities, and a customer-centric approach, Airtel says it is well-positioned to continue its success in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape.

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