Comparison Between Set top Boxes Offered by Dish TV, Which is the best ?

DTH operators are incorporating new features on a regular basis to enrich the Television process. It becomes quintessential for the customers to choose the right set top box. Today we bring to you the comparisons between the Dish TV set top boxes and help you choose the right one.

1. Dish TV Standard-Definition Basic   Cost- Rs 1299*
This is the set top box with the bare minimal. It only supports SD (Standard Definition) channels and also 5.1 channel stereo sound to which you can hook your Home theatre system. Electronic Program guide allows you to see the Tv programs for the next two days and this SD box also supports Active services. This set top box is the best bet if you are looking for DTH on a short term basis and don’t want to spend more on it.
2. Dish+ with recorder   Cost- Rs 1399*
This is the only SD set top box that supports recording. The best part is you can pause the programs and resume them from the point where you left it off. It can record unlimited number of hours and also has a feature for scheduled recording. This is the best bet if you are travelling and will be out of the house and at the same time doesn’t want to miss your favorite TV show.
3. Dish TruHD+ with recorder  Cost- Rs 1899*
The top of the line set top box has all the features of the Dish+ and along with that it supports full HD 1080i display resolution. The TruHD+ also has a feature to view the channels in 16:9 aspect ratio. This set top box has a Virtual sound system which ensures better sound circulation.

Our Take on Dish TV Set Top boxes

The price difference between this set top box is very narrow and we would recommend you to go with the Dish Tru HD+ which is the most advanced one out of the lot. This decision will ensure that you don’t regret later for missing those extra features just for saving some few hundred bucks.

*All prices are with respect to South Regions.

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April 21, 2016 12:43 pm 12:43 PM

I would l know the price of dishtv hd+
want to know which should I select which is the best
want to know how many channele ? list of channels that i can watch
other bests

January 20, 2016 2:11 pm 2:11 PM
I am using dish tv since last 1 Year and 3 months but don’t satisfying with any of the services which are provided by you like #1) Custemer care toll free number – every time busy #2) CALL ME – Service with /3 rs per sms its also depending on you not on us i can’t recieve call when they are calling me #3) VC Deactivated soon when we forgottan to recharge no any 1 or 2 are free channel #4) Pick By Channel Services – Totally looks like Fraud I wanna move to it so i have recharge worth… Read more »
January 10, 2016 8:43 am 8:43 AM

Choosing channel are found or not with regard to dish TV d2h