Reliance 3G Calculator: Why is it better than the rest?

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India is undergoing a transition from 2G  to 3G. But at times it is a bit difficult to estimate your 3G data consumption before going in for one. The 3G data services for smartphones and dongles are gaining popularity at a pretty brisk pace. Reliance’s 3G calculator seems to be the one which can somewhat give you a near exact estimation of your expected usage. Let us tell you why:


  • It starts off with choosing your device (3G handset or desktop/laptop)
  • You get the option of choosing your monthly or daily consumption for arriving at a conclusion
  • Then you get the option of making an estimate about your mails (with and without attachments), web pages browsed, YouTube (in minutes) and music streaming (in hours), application downloads, video clips download and social media consumption with photo uploads.
  • As you are moving the sliders on it, it keeps on showing your expected data usage and keeps on giving you a percentage of each of the parameters listed with respect to the total usage (such as 10 percent mails, 20 percent YouTube and so on)
  • You can choose Prepaid or postpaid connection as there are different plans for the two of them.
  • After you have put in all your details, it recommends a pack with its pricing and data you’ll be getting along with it.
  • The next thing you get to know is what will be your over consumption charge.

We found it to be quite useful. Even if you opt for some other operator, you can still use it to make estimates. Let us know your opinion about it. You can check it out here. Even Airtel and Vodafone offer 3G calculator service but we find Reliance as its best comparing it with rest.

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