Ataya Launches Turnkey Private 5G Solution for Small to Medium Deployments

Ataya introduces Chorus, a turnkey solution for small to medium-sized enterprises to deploy Private 5G Networks with ease and cost-effectiveness.


  • Simplifying Private 5G deployment for small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • Zero-touch deployment eliminates complexity and reduces costs.
  • Chorus ensures immediate operation upon installation.

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Ataya Launches Turnkey Private 5G Solution for Small to Medium Deployments
Connectivity solutions provider for Industry 4.0, Ataya, today announced the launch of Chorus, a standalone 5G Access Point (AP) tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises to rapidly deploy Private 5G Networks. Chorus aims to simplify the deployment of Private 5G networks, addressing the unique needs of businesses with limited space, budget, and technical expertise, Ataya said.

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Launch of Chorus

"The needs of customers requiring small to medium deployments are distinct from larger-scale deployments," Ataya said Wednesday. With zero-touch deployment, Chorus eliminates the complexities, additional hardware, and high costs that have traditionally hindered the widespread adoption of 5G in private networks, particularly in small to medium deployments.

Key features of Chorus

Key features of Chorus include ease of deployment - Simplicity and Scale, multi-tenancy, and multi-site management capabilities, all from a centralised dashboard. Moreover, the company said Chorus significantly reduces overall deployment costs of Private 5G by eliminating the need for expert IT technicians and additional hardware.

Reportedly, Chorus, as a turnkey solution, ensures that the 5G network is operational immediately after plugging in the AP, making it accessible to a broader customer base.

"Existing solutions don't go far enough in simplifying Private 5G deployments. They typically require additional hardware or high costs or expert IT technicians to deploy 5G," said Puneet Sethi, SVP of Products at Ataya. "Chorus enables all the security and low latency functionality expected of 5G deployments without any of the traditionally associated overhead cost and complexity, allowing the Industry 4.0 revolution to extend to nearly all participants in the manufacturing sector."

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Customer Benefits

"Customers no longer have to buy servers, configure, maintain and upgrade software. The Chorus platform can support a range of deployments from a small network with a single AP to multiple APs deployed across multiple sites. The Chorus network grows, discovers, and scales as the customer simply adds more Chorus AP and powers them on, allowing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to rapidly meet customers' needs by allowing them to direct-ship Chorus APs to new and existing customers, and remotely onboard and monitor networks, lowering MSP costs and enhancing customer experiences," the company said.

According to the official release, Partners such as Qucell and Opticoms have expressed enthusiasm for Chorus, citing its simplification of deployment processes and its potential to empower customers with advanced technologies like edge computing and private 5G networks.

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