Tata Sky+ Transfer to allow customers to view their favourite content on their smartphones without any data usage

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Tata Sky, the pioneer of technological innovations in the DTH industry, today announced the launch of ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’ set top box (STB) – a first of its kind in the country. This new innovation, among the first in Asia for DTH, empowers the subscriber to transfer their recorded television content from the set top box to their smartphones. This effectively means that the Tata Sky subscriber can now record and view programs on their tablets or smartphones and view them at any place and time, in offline mode.

Tata Sky+transfer-hd

Taking the Tata Sky+ HD (Personal Video Recorder) STB a step forward, the Tata Sky+ Transfer STB enables transfer of recorded content to a device over wi-fi for subscribers with iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android mobile devices through the revamped Tata Sky mobile app.

Tata Sky+ Transfer subscribers will be able to avail the ‘Transfer’ pack free of cost by simply clicking on the ‘Transfer’ tab on the Tata Sky mobile App. Available nationally, the path breaking ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’ box is offered at Rs. 9300 and all existing subscribers can upgrade with a nominal fee of Rs. 7890.

On the latest innovation, Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO, Tata Sky, elaborated, “The launch of the Tata Sky Transfer STB comes at a time when 75 per cent of Indian audiences accessing the internet on their mobile devices are aged between 19 to 35 years and increasingly seek new content. Tata Sky+ Transfer is hence the innovative answer for consumers who want to keep in touch with their favorite content round the clock, anywhere, essentially without using up broadband data.”

On the occasion of the launch Chief Commercial Officer at Tata Sky, Pallavi Puri said, “We need to enable people to “Unbox’ and not remain chained to their recordings on the set top box at home. This very thought led us to the innovation, where subscribers can now instantly watch their recorded shows on their smartphones, by simply using the ‘Watch Now’ feature within their home Wi-Fi, without even transferring it on the smartphone. They can also carry the transferred content to view anywhere outside their homes.”

Features of ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’:

  • Recorded Content transfer: This feature allows any recorded content on ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’ set top box to be transferred and consumed on companion devices such as smart phones & tablets and viewed on the go. The Tata Sky+ Transfer box comes with a Wi-Fi dongle. Content can be streamed from the Tata Sky+ Transfer (STB) to the smartphones over Wi-Fi network that connects the two.
  • No internet is required as no data is used while transferring and streaming of video; it only requires a local Wi-Fi connection.
  • Subscribers can either ‘Watch Now’ or ‘Transfer’ and view the recorded content anytime of place later in time on their smartphones.

Some additional features on the Tata Sky Mobile App:

Tata Sky On-Demand: This feature allows Subscribers to watch previous 5 days episodes of their favourite shows

Everywhere (Live) TV: Subscribers will be able to view live streaming of their favourite shows on close to 80 TV channels and also set reminders for the shows they want to catch

Remote Record: Tata Sky subscribers can give a command to record their desired program by being anywhere outside their homes, through their smartphone, which the STB at home will execute. Once recorded, it can be viewed on the STB or transferred to view outside.

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