Apple Lossless Music Is Finally Being Rolled Out to Indian Users

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Apple Lossless Music

Post multiple leaks and rumours, Apple is finally rolling out Apple Music's Lossless and Spatial Audio streaming features in India. It is surprising how long it took the Cupertino giant to roll the same to the country, as it had been initially revealed during the WWDC or World Wide Developer Conference in early 2021.

This feature, for anyone wondering, will let users opt for enhanced audio quality depending on the sort of music being listened to, with the only requirement being that of the right equipment to make use of the technology. When it comes to how you can turn it on, there are two methods to do the same, either via the iPhone or the Mac.

How Can You Enable Lossless Music?

Users can switch on Lossless Music on the iPhone by first starting the Settings app>Tap on the audio quality option>You can see the Lossless Music option>Turn it on.

In contrast, on the Mac you will first need to open the Apple Music app>then you need to click on the menu bar on top and select Preferences> You will see the Playback tab, click it> You will see the audio quality option, under which lossless audio option is present> Click on the same to turn it on.

Do note that the user has been given the option to choose the streaming quality for the lossless audio stream on both the Mac and iPhone, with Apple offering two resolutions, specifically 24-bit/48kHz and 24-bit/192kHZ.

In case you did not know, the app warns the user that an external DAC will be key when it comes to listening to the best lossless quality Apple offers.

Pricing wise, Apple's Rs 900 lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter offers support for lossless audio, so with wired earphones that should be more than enough.

The cheapest headphones that offer support for the same are priced around the Rs 2000-2500 barrier, but at times, higher prices might just make the difference in audio quality seem massive.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that lossless audio refers to additional data, meaning that more audio frequencies will be transmitted to your ear, but, most ears are not tuned to the same. So, lossless audio and spatial audio might not seem as amazing as some would make you believe.

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