Apple to Release a Major Update Next Week for iPhone Users

Apple's Spring Event Saw a Ton of Hype and Amidst all of the hype, users overlooked a much required addition that will come to users by next week


Apple’s Spring Event was quite hyped up and, to no one’s surprise, the event lived up to every bit of it. We saw the launch of the hotly anticipated AirTags, the new iPad Pro and the refreshed iMac. However, in between all of these hardware announcements, one of the most important software-based announcements from the Cupertino based tech giant got overshadowed.

iOS has been regarded as one of the best UI designs of all time for a smartphone, with users going towards Apple’s products at times with the aim of better privacy and usability that comes with iOS. Yesterday, amidst all the chaos, the company announced that iOS 14.5 for the iPad and iPhone would be released by next week. Here’s why it is one of the most important and essential updates for iPhones and iPads.

What Are The New Features Coming with iOS 14.5

The latest version of iOS that will be sent out to users next week dubbed iOS 14.5 will be the minimum required OS update to make use of the newly unveiled AirTag accessory which can be used with either your iPad or iPhone from the Items tab. Additionally, the update will also mark the introduction of the newly redesigned Podcasts application.

To add to this, users will now be allowed to unlock their iPhones via Face ID whilst wearing a mask, given that the user is wearing an Apple Watch. Further additions include an update to the Music app, complete with lyrics sharing and swipe gestures, Waze-esque reporting features in Apple Maps, support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers and AirPlay 2 for Fitness+.

This new update will be pre-installed on the newly unveiled purple iPhones and the iPad Pro (2021) 11-inch and 12.9-inch.

What Sets The Update Apart?

The aforementioned features are minor inclusions that will make the UI experience a bit easier, but, the standout feature is undoubtedly the App Tracking Transparency feature. One of the most anticipated inclusions, the feature makes sure that applications in compliance with iOS 14.5 will not be able to obtain data without the knowledge of the user.

App developers have been provided up to the 26th of April to make changes to their apps and update them to adhere to the new rules that are part of iOS 14.5. This move is quite appreciated since some applications like Facebook have been obtaining data from the users without their prior knowledge.

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