Apple Might Not Bundle Power Adapter Inside iPhone 12’s Retail Box

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Renowned Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that the Apple iPhone 12 series might ship without a power adapter. The analyst earlier reported that Apple might ditch the wired earbuds inside the retail box. The American multinational company is trying to slim its packaging for the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 series. As of lighting cable, no information regarding the availability is present on the internet. Kuo thinks that the move by Apple to ditch accessories and ship smaller packaging for upcoming smartphones is directly or indirectly related to the environment.

Apple Might Price the iPhone 12 Similar to iPhone 11

As reported on 9to5mac, analyst Kuo expects that the major reason for ditching the accessories could be keeping the price lower of Apple iPhone 12 series. Apple might keep the price of iPhone 12 similar to iPhone 11. Benjamin Mayo stated that Apple customers will have to pay nearly $63 for the power adapter and wireless earbuds. Apart from this, the size of the iPhone 12 series packaging will also be reduced, which will help the company to cut down the freight costs and be better for the environment. Kuo also believes that Apple will discontinue the current 5W and 18W charger to make room for the new 20W model.

Removal of Accessories Will Benefit Apple

The removal of accessories will surely help Apple in many ways. One of the major benefits which Apple will witness is the increased demand for in-box earbuds. If Apple ditches the earbuds, the demand will drastically grow. However, Apple might also witness some negative feedbacks from customers. The Apple community will raise its voice against the added expenses which the customers will have to incur while buying the upcoming smartphones by Apple.

Apple has Launched iOS 14 with Intriguing Features

Apple launched iOS 14 at its first-ever virtual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The iOS 14 has been launched with some of the most intriguing features. Apple has updated several elements of OS, which includes messages where users will now be able to pin conversations to the top of their message list. Also, the home screen has received the biggest update, and it will now host widgets and app library. The company has also updated the Maps in the new iOS 14.

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