PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update With Livik Map and New Evo-Ground Mode to Arrive on July 7

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One thing that PUBG Mobile has consistently done is to roll out new updates. Almost in every 2 months or less, you get a new update from PUBG Mobile. Its last major update was the Mad Miramar Map and the Jungle Adventure Mode in the Sanhok Map. On Instagram today, PUBG Mobile posted about the arrival of a new version - 0.19.0 on July 7. The update is going to bring the first exclusive map for the mobile version of the game - Livik. This news was also posted on the Twitter handle of Tencent and PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map

PUBG Mobile is going to release a new map which is designed especially for the mobile version of the game. It is also the first map which is exclusive for the mobile version meaning PUBG PC players won’t be getting the map. The 0.19.0 beta tells a lot about the map. The layout of the Livik map will be on a Nordic terrain.

The speciality about the Livik map is that its lobby will contain a maximum of 40 players. Following this, the map will also be very short (2x2 km layout). It is expected that all the matches will be over in a span of 15 minutes. So this map will be good for people who have less time on their hands and still want the thrill of a big match. Even though the map is short, you will find many places such as Volcano, hot spring, and waterfall. There will be snowy mountains, flower fields and much more on the map you can enjoy.

New Evo-Ground Mode

The beta version of the game has revealed that there will be a new Evo-Ground mode as well. It is called the Armory Arena. The most interesting thing about this new Evo-Ground mode is that it will be 5 vs 5 match instead of the usual 4 person teams that PUBG Mobile allows. In this mode, players will have to kill the opponent team with 18 unique weapons to win the match. Each time an opponent will be killed, the weapon will automatically change.

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