PUBG Mobile Miramar Map 2.0 Update: Everything You Should Know

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PUBG Mobile keeps on rolling new updates from time to time. One of the significant upgrades that you are going to see is Miramar Map 2.0. This is what the new version of the map is being called. The update is going to be available on May 7, 2020, for everyone. Since the time Miramar Map has been rolled out, PUBG Mobile has released very few upgrades for the map. That is one of the reasons why players weren’t much attracted towards it. It can get seriously boring in the biggest map of the game. But to make it enjoyable, PUBG Mobile has added many cool features to the Miramar Map 2.0.

New Experience in Miramar 2.0 Map

The new update will bring the Golden Mirado to the map. There are already Mirados present in Miramar and players love it owing to its fast speed. But now the fancy Golden Mirado is making its entry as well so that you can take it on a spin with your teammates and get that chicken dinner in style. The WIN94 gun can be attached with a new 2.7X scope now. Not only this, but the P90 is also making its debut on the Miramar Map 2.0. It will be interesting to see how much players love the new gun because, in the past, PUBG Mobile hasn’t launched the most exciting weapons for the game.

More New Things On The Update 

There are more new things which are on the Miramar Map 2.0. Now the map will feature vending machines, and they are expected to produce energy drinks and painkillers. A new attachment known as ‘canted sight’ is going to be available as well. The map is also going to feature a cheers park. But along with this, you will also be able to engage in new gameplay modes. A new ‘Safety Scramble Mode’ is going to be launched and it will come under the category of EvoGround modes. There are more exciting features expected to come with the new update such as ‘Blue Zone’ in the safe areas. Then there is yet another feature, ‘Jungle Adventure Mode’ which might be seen in the game.

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