Apple to Use ARM-Based Chips in MacBooks, Official Announcement Likely at WWDC 2020

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Apple is going to shift from using Intel chipsets on its Mac devices to its own ARM-based chips. ARM-based chips are used in smartphones and they haven’t been introduced in the world of desktops and laptops as of yet. Apple has a chance to be the first one to introduce ARM-based chips on computers and laptops. According to a report of Bloomberg, Apple is going to announce its shift to ARM-based chips for Macs at the WWDC event later this month. Apple has plans for launching several ARM-based Macs by the year 2021. But why is Apple moving on from Intel? Keep reading ahead to find out.

What ARM-Based Chip for Mac Devices Would Bring to the Table?

First of all, it is worthy to note that ARM-based chips will reduce the processor costs for Apple by 40% to 60%. Will this result in a cheaper pricing structure for Macs in the future? Only time will tell. All the macOS app developers will have to adjust their existing apps so they can work well with the new chips. The announcement made at the WWDC 2020 event will also give some time to the third-party app developers to adjust the changes in their apps so they can support the new chipsets. The new ARM based Macs are slated for the year 2021. However, there could be changes in Apple's plans as, given the current condition of the world, it will be hard to plan the hardware transition in the near future.

These chips from Apple will have a graphics processing unit and a Neural Engine which will make the machine learning very efficient and also carry out various AI tasks. According to a report, the new chips will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) using a 5-nanometer production technique.

It is interesting to note that Apple has been finding ways to drop Intel chips since 2014. Intel has been struggling to develop a road map for its future with newer chips. This bugs Apple as it doesn’t want to wait too long for delighting its customer. This is why it has become very hard for Intel to compete with ARM-based Apple chips. Macs are going to be more beautifully integrated with the ARM chips inside them like iPhones and iPads. So you can expect an even better performance.

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