Android 12 Will Trade In-Depth Customisation for Dynamic Theming Options

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Android 12

Google announced Android 12 earlier this year as the successor to Android 11, and, with it, the company decided to opt for a major overhaul, be it design-wise or feature-related, everything is a breath of fresh air on the next generation of Android.

With that being said, users are a bit far from enjoying the same. Users have been allowed to use it as part of a beta program and, the stable build should be on its way soon, if not in the next couple of months, but it seems that some changes have irked the Android enthusiasts in one way or the other.

It seems that some users are unhappy with one particular change that has been made, which removes a couple of customization options in favour of some new ones, with the older ones seemingly being the enthusiast's choice.

Android 12 Is Getting Rid of In-Depth Customization Options

On Saturday, XDA Developers spotted a thread that was posted in the Google Issue Tracker, which talked about the lack of Custom Styles when it came to the Pixel Wallpaper and Styles menu.

The complaint stated that the customization options, which at one point were more than enough, had been reduced to almost none and, in the words of the author, the change had apparently destroyed a lot of the appeal of pure Android and Google smartphones. Other users seemed to agree with this user, but it seems Google has an answer to the same.

Google's latest statement states that the custom style features such as icon shape, font, icon pack, and accent colour in Android R are now being replaced by new dynamic theming features that the company is introducing in Android S.

The statement further adds that Google sees the new dynamic theming feature to be more modern and intelligent. The company feels it is a simple and delightful experience that, hopefully, all users can get to enjoy.

From this statement, one can deduce that Google seems to be going for a consistent look for Android 12, something that has been spotted in the past, and, if this is the case, the move is not shocking, but, hopefully, the users can grow to like this change. For those of you unaware, Android has been well regarded for its customizability, which allows the user to make their phones adhere to their personal design choices.

Whilst Material You does help keep things neat and tidy, it seems to be coming at the expense of the in-depth customization options that were present in Android 10 with the Pixel.

Do note that there is very little chance of Google rolling this back, as Android 12 Beta 3 is already public, and it seems unlikely for Google to reintroduce these features prior to the Stable release, but, if users really are upset, we might see Google take a step back from this move.

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