Android 12 Hints at Google’s Drastic Plans for Pixel Lineup

Android 12 recently launched with a lot of chatter around it's unique design. With its launch, Google is hinting at drastic plans in place for the Pixel lineup to make it more successful

Google Pixel

We will soon get to see Google entering its sixth trial at making its own smartphone under the Pixel branding. The Pixel 6 leaks and rumours have been anything but boring, offering a look into a unique design and a quirky camera module.

That does not guarantee a great device though, since the hardware is half of what makes a device good. Software is key and, Google being a software-related company, that should bode well for the device, right?

Well, yes, Google is good, but it has come under scrutiny due to certain privacy issues, but, it has gotten a sort of a pass due to proper disclosure of the same. Let’s not get carried away though, since, in terms of software, Android 12 seems to be a sign for good things to come.

In case you missed it, Google recently announced Android 12, complete with a bold redesign that is being called Material You. It has been received with equal criticism and love, but, it is revolutionary and something different from Google, a company known for not taking risks.

Do note that you should not get too excited about Android 12 coming in the same avatar that Google showcases, since most brands will opt to apply a skin on top, meaning that the Pixel will be one of the few devices featuring bone stock Android, which might not be a bad thing.

Is Google Trying to Imitate Samsung?

One UI

Well, not to point fingers, but, if you take a look at Material You and the new Android 12 UI and its elements as a whole, it is reminiscent of what Samsung offers with its One UI. This is quite obvious with the key design elements, from the colours to the customizability features to the larger icons.

Now, for anyone who follows tech and consumer technology, it is common knowledge that Samsung is a segment leader, especially in terms of mobile phones. It has time and again proved its worth, by selling devices by truckloads, at times without having the best package.

This is what got us thinking, because, the move to a more One UI like design might actually hint at Google believing in its Pixel lineup and wishing for it to be more popular than its current status in the market, be it in India or globally.

Does Google Finally Care About The Pixel?

Pixel 5

Yes, at least according to us. Google trying to bring its UI closer to what Samsung has to offer shows that the company might be starting to actually care about the Pixel, to the point that it starts bringing profits and sells decently.

Google has always been about being at the forefront and the top step, but this has never been the case with its Pixel lineup. The company had the intention and the will, but the likes of Samsung and Apple seem to have denied the same to the tech giant.

Now, with a new UI and a rumoured plan to move to its own silicon and smartphone SoC, it seems that there is a new Google on the way, one that is willing to take the occasional risk, as is evident by the design leaks, in order to attain success.

If we had to bet on Google, we would not think twice, since they seem to be the wild card that could disrupt the market in more ways than one.

Shloke is your go-to guy when it comes to consumer tech. Specializing in In-Depth pieces, he's also getting to grips with Telecom. His hobbies consist of Formula One and Gaming.

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