Alcatel Submarine Networks and Center3 to Construct EMC West, Linking Saudi Arabia to Europe

Center3 announces the signing of the Supplier's Contract for the EMC Subsea Cable Project, connecting Saudi Arabia to Europe and Asia. The project aims to position Saudi Arabia as a digital hub and establish Greece and Cyprus as the European Union's East Data Gateway.


  • Center3, on behalf of EMC Subsea Cable Company and ASN, signs Supplier's Contract for EMC Subsea Cable Project.
  • EMC West will connect Saudi Arabia with Europe, while EMC Global will link Saudi Arabia with Asia.
  • Alcatel Submarine Networks will lead the construction of EMC West, featuring multiple Fiber Pairs.

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Alcatel Submarine Networks and Center3 to Construct EMC West, Linking Saudi Arabia to Europe

Center3, a subsidiary of the stc group, has announced the signing of the Supplier's Contract on behalf of the consortium partners of EMC Subsea Cable Company (EMC Company) and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN).

This significant agreement marks the beginning of the construction phase for two revolutionary subsea and terrestrial data cables, collectively known as EMC West, which will establish a vital connection between Saudi Arabia and Europe.

Moreover, according to the statement, the second phase of the EMC System, known as EMC Global, intended to link Saudi Arabia with Asia, is nearing completion and will be unveiled shortly.

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EMC Subsea Cable Project: Connecting Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Asia

According to the statement, the EMC project holds great promise for Saudi Arabia (KSA), Greece, and Cyprus as it allows them to leverage their geographical advantages. EMC project introduces a much-needed data corridor that will position these three countries at the heart of a digital connectivity infrastructure, expected to become a cornerstone of the ongoing digital transformation era.

Vision 2030 and Greece 2.0: Driving Digital Transformation

Center3 says, from its inception, the EMC cable has been meticulously designed to align with the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and Greece 2.0 initiatives. It aims to transform Saudi Arabia into a pivotal "Digital Hub," connecting Asia with Europe and Africa, while also establishing Greece and Cyprus as the "European Union's East Data Gateway."

Alcatel Submarine Networks to Spearhead Construction

Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), renowned for its expertise in manufacturing and installing submarine optical systems, will spearhead the construction of EMC West.

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This ambitious endeavor will link Haql in Saudi Arabia to Genova in Italy and Marseille in France, passing through the strategic locations of Cyprus and Greece. The two cables, equipped with multiple Fiber Pairs, will also have branches connecting Cyprus, Crete, and Athens. According to the projected timeline, the EMC system is expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2026, adhering to the scheduled Ready for Service (RFS) date.

Center3: A Key Player in MENA's Digital Landscape

As a leading integrated data center and data provider in the MENA region, center3 plays a pivotal role in delivering advanced services to hyperscalers, content providers, cloud providers, global international carriers, and enterprises. With its involvement in the EMC Subsea Cable Project, center3 solidifies its position as a key player in the region's digital landscape, contributing to the realization of seamless and robust connectivity.

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The commencement of the EMC Subsea Cable Project ushers in a new era of digital connectivity for Saudi Arabia, propelling the nation towards its digital aspirations. This initiative sets the stage for a prosperous future, not only for Saudi Arabia but also for Greece, Cyprus, and the broader region.

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