Airtel Zero Platform violated Net Neutrality, Says DoT Secretary; but is the violation illegal ? TRAI yet to decide

The outcry from internet users that Airtel Zero has been facing for the last few weeks has induced the authorities to jump into the matter. As per the reports, Rakesh Garg, Secretary, Department of Telecommunications has stated that of Facebook and Airtel Zero of Bharti Airtel violate net neutrality principles.

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While giving an interview to Business Standard, Garg said that net neutrality meant to give access to all the platforms over internet at the same price. It shouldn’t reckon on any particular plan or data pack. The way net neutrality is understood, such platforms violate its principles.

He also talked about telecom players’ concern of all the OTT players having a free ride in the Indian market while they pay license fees. According to him, these two issues can never be set side by side. The rules for telecom players were in place since always, but still these telecom companies decided to explore the market. It was never an issue for them in the past, but now all of a sudden they have started asking the government to change the rules.

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He spelled out that DoT committee would make the final call after taking into consideration all the parameters.

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Swarnendu Pal
May 7, 2015 10:11 am 10:11 AM

Off topic.. Please can anyone say airtel has divided customers into silver, gold.. I am a silver 1customer..what does it mean?

May 7, 2015 11:38 am 11:38 AM

yes. based on your Age on network, revenue you generate for them and your credit limit they categorize you into silver, gold or platinum customer.

sanjit roy
May 7, 2015 1:41 am 1:41 AM

So finally arrogant idiot rascal traitor enemy looter has fallen on it’s own grave!! Wow!

May 7, 2015 1:11 am 1:11 AM
I think first of all reliance CDMA has violated the telecom rules in 2003 in the Tamilnadu circle by providing different landline numbers for mobile handsets which enter different cities (for example : A subscriber of Thiruchchi origin has been allotted 0431 3abcdef and if the same subscriber reaches Naamakkal, he is allotted 04286 3ghijk) in the name of WLL. If you call any one if the above numbers, the call gets rung at the Thiruchchi person’s mobile. Did any government or any telecom companies (aircel, bpl mobile (in 2003), BSNL, airtel (during 2004) raise voice against it?. Then what… Read more »
May 7, 2015 11:39 am 11:39 AM

Did any operator extend the SMS and voice rate cutter validity for the only 5 sms per day for 7 days because of Assam violence few years back and also for the 5 official blackout days?

BSNL did 🙂