Idea Cellular now offers Unlimited Night Calling at Rs. 8

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Idea Cellular has decided to come up with I2I special vouchers for Tamil Nadu region. All the vouchers provide cheap call rates to customers on the local network. Details of these vouchers are as follows-


The lowest recharge voucher is available for Rs. 8 and comes with a validity of four days. Users can enjoy unlimited night calling between 00:00 to 06:00 AM on local Idea numbers. The second voucher is available for Rs. 9 and comes with one-day validity. Users can enjoy 60 local idea minutes. The third recharge voucher can be grabbed for Rs. 42 to enjoy 200 local Idea to Idea calling with a validity of 8 days.

Price (Rs.) Offer Validity (Days) Mode of Recharge
8 Unlimited Night Calling between 00:00 to 06:00 am. 4 Days USSD/IVR
9 60 Local Idea Minutes Free 1 Day E-Recharge
42 200 Local Idea Minutes 8 Days E-Recharge
63 Local Idea Calling@10p/min in Idea Towns and 40p/min in ICR Towns 30 Days E-Recharge
149 1200 Local Idea Minutes 28 E-Recharge
196 1200 Local Idea Minutes 28 E-Recharge

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If someone wants to have recharge vouchers with longer validity option, he can go for Rs. 63 voucher which comes with 30-day validity. Users can enjoy local Idea calling at 10p/minute in Idea towns and 40p/minute in ICR towns. The last recharge voucher is available in Rs. 149 with 28 days validity that offers 1200 Idea minutes for free.

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