Airtel Xstream Fiber App Enables Users to Monitor Data Usage and More

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Airtel Xstream Fiber has become one of the most popular broadband services in the country. In a much recent update to its offerings, Airtel changed all the Xstream Fiber plans to come with unlimited data instead of a fixed amount for the month. But as we all know, Airtel Xstream Fiber unlimited data plans come with 3.3TB of data per month. Post-that, the browsing speed is reduced for the user. So it automatically becomes very important for small businesses and large families where a lot of data is used every day to check on the amount of data that is left to consume. Earlier it could be done with the Airtel Thanks app, but that now feature has been limited to Airtel Xstream Fiber app only.

Airtel Xstream Fiber App to Help in Checking Leftover Data

Airtel Xstream Fiber app is now the only place where the broadband customers of Airtel can jump to online for checking their leftover data for the month. Airtel Xstream Fiber app is available both in the Android and iOS devices. It is very easy for the customer to log-in to the app.

The customer just needs to download the app and then enter his/her registered mobile number with the broadband service. An OTP will be sent to your device. Entering the OTP will prompt you to create a new password and then confirm it by re-entering it. Once you have done that, you can log-in to your Airtel Xstream Fiber account and monitor all the activity related to your Wi-Fi connection from there.

Inside your account, your name and Wi-Fi connection’s name will be displayed. With that, the status of your Wi-Fi connection will show as well. For example, if it is strong, then the Wi-Fi strength will be written as ‘Fair’. For checking the amount of data that has been used and what is left, you can tap on the option ‘Data Usage’ located in the bottom left of your mobile screen. It will show you the total data that you get, which should be 3,333GB for the month and below that it will show you the balance data (the amount of data which is left).

One thing to note is that even if you are registered with the Airtel Thanks app, you will have to register separately for the Airtel Xstream Fiber app.

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