Airtel revamps Mitra app to include new features for partner retailers

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When Jio is offering its partner retailers to move to the digital ecosystem to ease their recharging and SIM activation process, Airtel doesn't want to go obsolete in the digital process to help their retailers. To do so, Airtel has brought a major update to their partner app called 'Mitra'.


In the recent update to the app, Airtel has added several new features and significantly changed the user interface in a more responsive way. Now, the retailers can manage their accounts and recharge a number in few taps.

Also, there will not be any data charges for the app usage on Airtel network. Airtel partners can easily get the app from Google Play store, which earlier available via a link generated to LAPU numbers.

The app offers live balance and alert when the partner crosses a lower balance limit. The live updates for last 20 transactions are made through the partner LAPU SIM. With the app, partners can easily search for voice, data, and STV plans, not only for the home circle but also for other circles. This will help the retailers to recharge the numbers of those customers, who come to shop to recharge numbers, while in roaming.

The app also gives a real-time information about partner commission and earnings for a certain period. Initially, the partners had to visit Airtel offices to get their earnings information. Also, instead of making manual calls to distributor to ask for LAPU balance, partners can easily request for LAPU balance from the app. The balance will be updated to their distributors in a while.

Though the app currently doesn't offer SIM activation request and CAF uploading, partners can easily track new activation requests from the app. This  which would help them on SIM activation front. Also, the app now contains some essential features like the request for wrong recharge reversal. This will enable partners to reverse the recharge done within 15 minutes of lodging a request through a hassle-free process.

Besides, Airtel partners can raise a request for a new banner, fresh SIM cards, paper recharge vouchers or complaints about late customer application form pick up, late LAPU balance transfer or for payout issues.

Overall, the app helps the retailers to move digitally from current days USSD based system, which consumed time for every action. Airtel may soon add Jio like CAF uploading features, which will reduce the time to activate a new SIM card.

The digital ecosystem has undergone a pleasant revamp. Perhaps, the retailers will begin using one smartphone for all type of recharges and SIM activation, rather than using the Nokia 1100 feature phones for recharging purpose.

*With inputs from Deepesh Arora.

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