Airtel Digital TV Value Added Service Channels: Price and Details

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Airtel Digital TV is one of the biggest DTH operators in India. The DTH service provider offers customers a ton of services. One of those services is value-added service channels. Value-added service channels are different from traditional channels. They offer a lot of value to a certain kind of customers or TV viewers. There are many kinds of value-added service channels on offer from Airtel Digital TV. If a customer wants to watch Mahabharat, then they can get a particular channel for it. There is also a channel for seniors and more. Keep reading ahead to find out more about the Airtel Digital TV value-added service channels.

Airtel Digital TV Value Added Service Channels

So there are 27 value-added service channels offered by Airtel Digital TV. Let’s take a look at them individually. The first channel is ‘Malgudi Days’, it is a channel which will show you stories related to the characters living in Malgudi, a small fictions town. Price for this channel is Rs 1.5 per day and it is available at channel number 102. Coming to the second channel, ‘Mahabharat’ is offered for Rs 1 per day at channel number 691.

Then there is a TV channel which is aimed at providing short-form entertaining content to the users. Name of this channel is ‘Airtel ShortsTV’ and it is available at channel number 259 for Rs 2 per day. If you are looking for a channel which brings fitness and wellness content, then you can go to the ‘Goodlife’ channel. It is priced at Rs 60 per month and is available at channel number 415.

There are more such channels. ‘Rahasyamay Kahaniya’ is available at Rs 45 per month on channel number 130. ‘Telugu Talkies’ airs on channel number 894 and it also costs Rs 45 per month.

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