Airtel Digital TV Raises Prices of Some Channel Packs, Long Term Subscription Still Good

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Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is one of the leading DTH providers in the country. Courtesy of the popularity of Bharti Airtel’s others offerings, such as the Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband service, and its postpaid plans, consumers find it easier to subscribe to these services under a single umbrella. However, this news might be a slight pinch to the customers of Airtel Digital TV as we have found the prices of some of the Airtel Digital TV packs to be raised. The good thing is that this price rise is limited to very few channel packs.

Tamil SD Pack Prices Raised Slightly

The first channel pack that we would like to talk about is the Tamil SD pack which retails for a single month subscription cost of Rs 203; the price of this channel pack has been raised to Rs 208. As for the six-month cost, the price has been proportionately raised to Rs 1,034 from Rs 1,004. The entire year subscription cost for the channel pack is Rs 2,066 from the earlier price of Rs 2,006. It is worth noting that the subscribers will still be in benefit if they subscribe for a longer term. As the per month cost is Rs 203, which would amount to more than Rs 2,400 if they pay it monthly, whereas, in the case of a one-time yearly payment, they would be able to enjoy this channel with a discount.

Airtel STB Cheapest Option for Customers Right Now

Not only the Tamil SD channel pack but also the Tamil HD Channel pack pricing has been changed slightly. Now the subscribers of this pack will have to pay Rs 1,281 instead of Rs 1,251, which is Rs 30 more over the six-month period. Subscribers should note that the price given for the Tamil HD pack is for the semi-annual period or for six months. Customers who are not yet subscribers of Airtel Digital TV might benefit from knowing that the Set-Top Box pricing of Airtel HD STB happens to be the lowest among all other STBs in the market right now with an additional discount of 10%. The Airtel Digital STB retails for Rs 1,300 on the Airtel website right now.

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