Airtel Increases 2G and 3G Mobile Internet Tariffs for Prepaid Users in Chennai and Tamil Nadu

Bharti Airtel has increased mobile internet tariffs for 2G and 3G services for prepaid users in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. The company has increased 3G charges by over 35 percent and 2G charges by over 25 percent for 1GB plans.


The country’s largest telecom operator has increased the price for 1GB of 3G data to Rs 255 with a validity of 28 days against the earlier price of Rs 197. For 2G plan, Airtel is now offering 1GB of data for Rs 175 with 28 days validity, which used to cost Rs 149 earlier.

The changes have been effective for the past few days.

Airtel has made changes in most of the prepaid plans. For instance, customers will get 2GB of 3G data for Rs. 455 while earlier it was 3 GB. For Rs. 375, users will get only 1.6 GB of 3G data as compared to 2.5 GB earlier. The company has also reduced validity of many plans. Details of the recent changes are given below.

Revised Data Pack details for Airtel Tamil Nadu & Chennai Users
Price Old Benefits New Benefits
Rs 45 150 MB 3G Data for 5 Days 140 MB 3G Data for 4 Days
Rs 101 400 MB 3G Data for 14 Days 325 MB 3G Data for 14 Days
Rs 126 650 MB 3G Data for 14 Days 550 MB 3G Data for 14 Days
Rs 149 1 GB 2G Data for 28 Days 750 MB 2G Data for 21 Days
Rs 175 *New Launched 1 GB 2G Data for 28 Days
Rs 197 1 GB 3G Data for 28 Days 800 MB 3G Data for 21 Days
Rs 255 1.5 GB 3G Data for 28 Days 1 GB 3G Data for 28 Days
Rs 325 *New Launched 1.15 GB 3G Data for 28 Days
Rs 455 3 GB 3G Data for 28 Days 2 GB 3G Data for 28 Days
Airtel has also revised data benefits in higher and lower denominations.

*Do Check With Customer Care Before Opting for Any Recharge.

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Recently, Airtel also increased rates for mobile internet packs, both 2G and 3G, sold online for prepaid customers across the country. Airtel’s consolidated revenues for Q1 16 at Rs 23,671 crore grew by 3.1% over the corresponding quarter last year. Consolidated Mobile data revenues at Rs 3,459 crore grew by 56.9% Y-o-Y, uplifted by data traffic growth of 86.5%.

How do you look at this move from Airtel ? Do share your views by comment.

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December 22, 2015 1:07 am 1:07 AM

Indian government is bad then the british rule on india. The new government will throttle the life out of india and indians. If indian peoples dont take this matter seriously then just forget about it.

August 17, 2015 9:49 am 9:49 AM

I feel this price hike shows the ill side of capitalism. Being one of the front runners in telecom and one with most subscribers, Airtel now has every advantage of imposing high tariff on customers. But its the concern of service compared to money. Airtel has largest call drops and even the 3g and 2g network connections are poor in most cities. Increasing the tariff and not the quality of service is very bad.

August 15, 2015 7:30 am 7:30 AM

It is indeed a concern that I now pay more for 1GB data using Airtel. One shot they increased more than 50 rupees.

But, it’s the choice we make.
Individual identity and feel good factor.
I would like to get associated with certain brands.
Apple, Nike, VW, Yamaha, Benetton, Tommy, Louis Philippe, India Terrain, Gillette, Airtel and so on and so forth.

I did not even know when and how Nike or Benetton took price hike.
And I’m aware these are costlier to other brands. Yet I chose.

I think I will stick on to this.