ACT Fibernet Continues to Revamp its Broadband Plans

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ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans

ACT Fibernet, the third-largest wired broadband service provider in India has revamped its plans for its users in Chennai. The internet service provider with over 1.68 million users has been revamping its broadband plans across various cities in the country. As reported by TelecomTalk earlier, the operator had made changes to its plans for its users in Bengaluru and Delhi. While the service provider offered a speed bump as part of its revised plans in Delhi and Bengaluru, ACT under its revised plans has only increased the data limit to its users in Chennai. So now these plans come with more data for the same price. Keep reading ahead to find out about the data benefits which have the plans come with after the update.

ACT Fibernet Now Offering More Data

A total of six plans have been updated by ACT Fibernet for its users in Chennai including the entry level ‘ACT Basic’ plan that earlier offered 200GB data. The users subscribed to the ACT Basic plan will now receive 750GB data at 50 Mbps speed for Rs 820 per month.

The second plan is ‘ACT Blaze’ that earlier offered 500GB data but now it comes with 1500GB data at 100 Mbps speed with the plan priced at Rs 1020 per month.

The operator also enhanced ‘ACT Blast Promo’ that earlier offered 1000GB data but ACT now offers 2500GB data at the same 150 Mbps speed for Rs 1075 per month.

Similarly, the operator also enhanced ‘ACT Storm’ that earlier offered 1250GB data, but after the change in benefits, the data has been bumped up to 3000GB data per month. The users subscribed to ACT Storm can browse at 200 Mbps speed with the plan carrying a price tag of Rs 1125.

Further, the ‘ACT Lightning’ plan that offered 1500GB data has been enhanced to 3000GB data with the plan continuing to offer 250 Mbps speed for Rs 1325. Finally, the operator also revamped its ‘ACT Incredible’ plan that earlier offered 2000GB data. But now the ACT Incredible plan has been revamped to offer 5000GB data at the same 350 Mbps speed for Rs 1,999.

It is not a bit surprising that internet service providers are revamping their plans after both Airtel and Jio started providing unlimited data with each of their broadband plans. It is expected that ACT will revamp its plans in other cities as well.

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