ACT Fibernet FlexBytes+ Broadband Data Add-Ons Now Start at Rs 120

FlexBytes+ is an offering from ACT Fibernet which allows the users to extend their FUP data limit for the month

By August 22nd, 2020 AT 3:20 PM

FlexBytes+ is an offering from ACT Fibernet which allows the users to extend their FUP data limit for the month. There are different plans which users can choose from in case they exhaust the FUP data from their original plan. At the moment, there are five different plans under the FlexBytes+ offerings. The user can get up to 500GB additional data. Of course, there are plans with lesser data offers as well since not everyone would require a huge amount of data. FlexBytes+ are being offered by the internet service provider (ISP) for quite a long time now. Recently, ACT Fibernet revised the FlexBytes+ plans, so let’s take a look at them now.

ACT Fibernet FlexBytes+ Plans

There are five different plans under the offering of FlexBytes+ plan from ACT Fibernet. The range of those plans goes from Rs 120 to Rs 1,000. Let’s start with the cheapest plan and then go on about uncovering the other ones. The Rs 120 FlexBytes+ plan is the cheapest plan a customer can get. It comes with an additional 20GB data. The good thing about this data plan is that you can use the additional 20GB data for up to 3 months from the date of purchase. So you don’t have to worry about the data benefits expiring anytime soon.

The second plan is of Rs 200. It ships with 50GB of additional data for the 3 months as well. A point to note is that not only the two aforementioned plans but each and every FlexBytes+ plan comes with 3 months validity regardless of their price or data benefits. Coming to the third plan, it comes for Rs 300 and offers 100GB of additional data.

If you need more data than that, then you have got two big data FlexBytes+ plans as well. They ship with 200GB and 500GB data. The 200GB data plan comes for Rs 300 and the 500GB data plan comes for Rs 1,000. These plans quite expensive when considered the data benefits they provide.

ACT Fibernet Shield Service

ACT Shield is another service which ACT Fibernet broadband customers can opt to keep their data and browsing experience safe. ACT Shield is a security app which monitors any suspicious activity on your device. There are different plans which the customer can choose from. The most basic one is Rs 49 plan which can be added to the monthly bill and it will secure a maximum of two devices. The other two plans come for Rs 60 per month (secures 3 devices) and Rs 99 per month (secures 5 devices).

Unfortunately, iOS users can’t download the app, for now, it is only available for Android users. ACT Shield will also keep your browsing activity on your desktop secure be it Windows or macOS.

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