Samsung Galaxy S22 Needs to Get These Things Right to Succeed

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Shloke Sarkar

Statistically, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series were subject to poor sales, but, Samsung did not let this disappointment get the better of them, as the company made the right amount of changes to launch the Galaxy S21 series of devices, which went on to be hit devices.

Despite the good sales figures, it is worth noting that 2021 is halfway done and, with this time having passed, it is time to list out some things that Samsung needs to get right with the Samsung Galaxy S22 to ensure that the device works well in the market.

For most users, just an upgrade to the next best chipset could suffice, given how good the S21 series of devices are, offering features that cater to a variety of users.

But as enthusiasts, nothing is ever enough and, if Samsung brings even half of the things that we will be listed below, the device might just take the Android crown for the second time running.

1. Difference Between S22 and S22 Plus

Earlier versions of the S-series of devices have been very different when it comes to the base S device and the Plus counterpart, as we would see better RAM options, higher resolution panels and more cameras on the latter, at times justifying the $200 price hike over the vanilla variant of the S-series.

This was not the case with the S21 series of devices, as the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus were differentiated only with a difference in the material used, a larger chassis and a bigger battery. Rest all of the features were identical. When one considers that the S21 Plus as of now retails for a whopping $200 more, it makes sense to settle with the S21.

Even if the company fails to do anything, a price cut is warranted, since the S21 Plus felt like the most oddly placed device in the lineup.

2. Better Charging Speeds

Samsung has been far behind when it comes to charging speeds when compared to the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus. The company offered 25W charging out of the box with the S21 series of devices, which is way less than OnePlus’ 65W charging in recent times.

Oppo too has been quick to offer 50W or 65W charging on top-spec models, so it makes sense for Samsung to make improvements in this feature set.

This does not mean that the company should offer 100W charging speeds that some brands are offering, but a 45W charging speed should be more than enough, with about 30-40 minutes of charge guaranteeing a day’s charge.

We can only hope that Samsung works on this aspect to catch up with Android competitors that have trumped it in the last couple of years.

3. Improved Storage Options/microSD Slot

The entirety of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series of devices come with support for 8K video recording. This requires a ton of data space, at about 10MB a second. 4K recording will also need a good amount of space, but, to cater to this, Samsung offers only 128GB of internal storage as a base variant.

Samsung might have removed the microSD due to the lack of popularity and tougher design, but, with these higher grade optics and videos, the need for better storage has gone from a want to a must-have.

We really hope that Samsung has a change of heart and adds the microSD cart slot back and, if not, it should at least offer 256GB of storage as a minimum.

4. Better Update Restarts

The biggest complaint with most Samsung devices is not the software support itself, since the company has made an amazing improvement in the same, but, with the flagships and budget devices, post completion of updates, it takes a bit of time to restart, analyse and optimise the multiple applications present on the device. This can take from 10-20 minutes from time to time.

Pixels, in contrast, update seamlessly and take a quarter of that time, and, the overall restart takes a minor amount of time. We really hope that Samsung addresses the long update procedure that is annoying. All of this should make the S22 series of devices the top-tier devices when it comes to Android handsets.

Shloke Sarkar

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Published by
Shloke Sarkar

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