Zain KSA Conducts Successful Trials of Passive IoT Applications

Zain KSA achieves a significant milestone by successfully testing the practical applications of Passive Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This breakthrough aligns with their strategy to enhance the 5G experience and deliver innovative solutions to customers.


  • Zain KSA successfully conducts trials of practical applications for Passive IoT technology.
  • Passive IoT holds immense potential for industries like logistics, healthcare, and smart agriculture.
  • Zain KSA's test results showcase accurate asset tracking and real-time temperature updates.

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Zain KSA Conducts Successful Trials of Passive IoT Applications

Zain KSA has announced that the company has successfully conducted trials for the practical applications of Passive IoT, a technology that operates on ambient energy sources rather than relying on batteries. Zain KSA says this achievement aligns with its vision to enhance the 5G experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and unlock the advanced capabilities of its 5G network to deliver innovative solutions and services to its customers.

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Efficiency and Cost Reduction

"Implementing self-operating Passive IoT presents a promising future for 5G networks, opening up numerous opportunities for advancements across various industries such as logistics, healthcare, and smart agriculture," said Zain KSA.

"This technology enables companies to enhance operational efficiency and optimize expenses. Unlike traditional IoT devices, Passive IoT Tag devices do not require active power sources, making them easy to install, reducing maintenance and frequent replacement, and providing a long lifespan, ultimately contributing to cost reduction."

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The Potential of Passive IoT

With the successful testing of the Passive IoT model, Zain KSA says it is set to revolutionize business practices across different sectors. The test results have demonstrated remarkable accuracy in asset tracking, enabling efficient inventory management by identifying remaining stock and providing real-time temperature updates.

Zain KSA said, "By introducing Passive IoT, we are opening up new possibilities for utilizing the capabilities of 5G+ networks, offering our customers innovative and sustainable solutions that drive operational efficiencies while reducing costs. These environmentally friendly technologies empower businesses to boost productivity and accomplish their technical objectives through integrated all-digital processes."

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Leveraging the Power of 5G

Zain KSA also added that it remains committed to enhancing the utilisation of 5G technologies. The activation of the 5G Stand-Alone technology and the 5G 3CC (Component Carrier) feature, which combines three-carrier frequencies, further solidifies Zain KSA's position as a reliable communication and digital services partner.

According to Zain, these advancements position Zain KSA as the preferred choice for customers and businesses throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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