Redmi Earbuds S Review: Great for Calling and Offers Decent Sound Quality

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Xiaomi has brought some really good products to the market under its Redmi brand. The reason why Redmi has been successful is that it has launched quality products for a price cheaper than consumers expectations. The ‘Redmi Earbuds S’ is yet another product from the company which will likely be a game-changer. They come for a mere Rs 1,799 which is unexpectedly cheap. Even though they don’t come with the best sound quality, you can get good utility out of them in terms of experiencing true wireless earphones. Launched last week, Xiaomi already sold a whopping one lakh units of Redmi Earbuds S in the country which explains how attractive the product and its pricing is. Continue reading to know more about the Redmi Earbuds S in detail.

Redmi Earbuds S Review: Design and Comfort

Coming to the design of Redmi Earbuds S, the first thing to note is that they are not at all similar to the Apple AirPods. Xiaomi has equipped the Earbuds S with a tried and tested design which many of the users prefer. Another worthy thing to note is that the Redmi Earbuds S are also sold in China but with a different name — AirDots. The charging case of the Earbuds is a pill-shaped box. Though it might sound a little strange, it is very elegant to look at and very handy.

The Redmi Earbuds S will sit in your ears at a 45-degree angle. You also get two more tips to use the best ones which fit your ears. For seeing the status of either of your Earbuds, you get an indicator lid on each bud. If the indicator lid is red, it means they are charging inside the case. If the indicator lid is White, it means that the Earbuds S is ready to pair with a device. And yes, the case has Matte finish which adds up to the overall holding experience.

An important thing to note about the design of the Earbuds S' box is that it is made of plastic. Though it is a drawback, we can’t really complaint looking at the price they come for. For charging the case, there is a micro-USB port which is a little surprising since the world has moved on to the USB Type-C port for a long time now. It comes with an IPX4 rating so you don’t have to worry about your sweat damaging the Earbuds. The stalks on the earphones are rectangular in shape so they don’t look like at AirPods at all and oddly are very satisfying to look at.

Redmi Earbuds S Review: Connectivity

Connectivity is an important part of your experience with any true wireless earphone. For the Redmi Earbuds S, it is safe to say that they are fast to pair with your smartphone or laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. As soon as you open the lid of your device, they are up for pairing. For your comfort, there are physical buttons right below the Earbuds instead of gesture controls like in AirPods.

If you are using the Earbuds S in normal mode, you can go as far as up to 25 feet from the smartphone and not face any issues with the connectivity, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 support. But if you go to another room leaving your smartphone in the other, you will face some issues. This is largely due to the thick walls in between which interrupt the connection. But it is impressive to see that the Earbuds S offer such a good range of connectivity at such a less price.

Redmi Earbuds S Review: Sound Quality

Sound quality is what we look at when we purchase earphones. There are 7.2mm drivers inside the Redmi Earbuds S which ensures that we get a better experience with the bass. But for the mid and high-frequency sounds, there is not much these Earbuds S can offer. You can, however, adjust the mid and high frequencies of the audio that you are playing with a music player app on your device.

If you are purchasing them for listening to high-quality music, you will be left disappointed. The Earbuds S are meant for general calling purposes and to help you get a feel of true wireless earphones. They are not made for listening to high-quality music. You can, however, listen to music with great bass and still be able to enjoy it.

The Earbuds S have a microphone installed in each of the earbuds to help you with the calls. After testing in different voice calling apps such as WhatsApp, normal phone calls, these were the results. The person on the other end was able to hear my voice clearly. He did say that the voice coming to him felt like if I was in a big spacious environment which is a little odd. These earbuds are also optimised for the gamers. There is a low-latency mode which makes the sound more synchronised and helps in faster communication in games like PUBG Mobile. The latency of the earphones reduces down to 122ms. To activate this mode, you will have to press the physical button present on the earbuds three times. The latency is still on the higher side, but it is one of the lowest latency we have seen on any wireless earphones in recent times. There's still significant lag while playing games, but again, the product is priced on the lower side, so no complaints here.

Redmi Earbuds S Review: Battery Life

The Redmi Earbuds S have a decent battery back-up. In a single charge, it ran for around for four hours which is not bad. But you can expect the battery life to be reduced by an hour or so when the low latency mode is activated. If your charging case is charged, you can fully charge your earphones keeping them inside it. Sadly, the charging speed of the Earbuds S is not that great. But a good thing is, with one complete charge, the charging case can charge the Earbuds fully for three times.

Redmi Earbuds S Review: Verdict

If you are looking for true wireless earphones which can help you with calling purposes, then this is a great one for you. Priced at only Rs 1,799, they are not going to offer you the best sound quality for high definition music. The Redmi Earbuds S can be used for gaming purposes as well. Xiaomi could have priced these for a lot more than what it is offering it for at the moment. These are decent earphones and can be considered if you want to save yourself some money and yet get a good experience out of true wireless earphones. At Rs 1,799, the Redmi Earbuds S is a great product and is completely worth your money like any other Xiaomi product.

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