PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode Released, Sanhok Map Made Magical

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PUBG Mobile has updated its Sanhok map with the Jungle Adventure mode. Players all over the world were waiting for the new mode to be released. Today, the team of PUBG Mobile have confirmed it via a press release that the new mode is out for the players to enjoy. It has some exciting features and will totally change the way you experience playing in Sanhok. You can’t select it manually though. To enjoy this new mode, you will have to rely on your luck as players are randomly selected for the mode. It is just like the way Day/Night mode from PUBG Mobile worked. You will have to wait to be lucky to get an experience out of this new mode.

Mysterious Totems

In the Jungle Adventure Mode, one of the biggest additions is the Mysterious Totems. Using these Totems, players can get different ‘blessings’. Three types of Totems can be found in the map — Power Totem, Protection Totem, and Strategy Totem. You will be able to restore your health, repair vests and helmets, and restore energy as well. For getting advantage out of the Totems, players will need to pray alongside them.

Jungle Food

There will be food scattered throughout the Sanhok in the form of fruits. These fruits will carry mystical effects and can either bring positive or negative results for you once you consume them. For the positive effect, you might get the power to sense airdrops or restore energy and health. For the negative effect, your player might have to go through dizziness.

Hot Air Balloons

Ever felt like there is a shortage of vehicles in Sanhok. Worry no more, Hat Air Balloons have been added to the Jungle Adventure Mode for your convenience of travelling around the map. You will be able to assess where your enemies are from the sky and gain an advantage over them. Note that the new mode is live now and if you get dropped in this mode, on the bottom right of your screen, it will be mentioned that you are in the Jungle Adventure Mode.

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