How Does the Mi Band 4 Compare Over the Previous Mi Band 3?

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Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 was a massive hit in India, and the Chinese OEM has managed to sell an impressive number of units in the country. However, a successor to the Mi Band 3 was due for quite some time now. To follow up to the success of its third generation Mi Band, Xiaomi has now introduced the Mi Band 4 in China. Although there is no news about when the Mi Band 4 will make its way to India, we expect the sales of this new fitness band from Xiaomi to be as impressive as Mi Band 3 as it comes with new features and upgrades. This begs the question, in case you have a Mi Band 3, should you switch to the latest Mi Band 4?


Talking about the display, the Mi Band 3 features a 0.78-inch OLED touchscreen display rendering an 80×128 pixels resolution, whereas the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes with a 0.95-inch colour AMOLED display which renders 120×240 pixels resolution and it also offers 2.5D glass protection on top. The Mi Band 4 can render 77 colourful watch faces on the display owing to the colourful AMOLED; on the other hand, the Mi Band 3 only supports three watch faces. The touchscreen of the Mi Band 4 is also sleeker in comparison to the Mi Band 3 which is another plus point.

Features – Voice Commands, Tracking and More

The Mi Band 3 did not use to come with voice commands, but the Mi Band 4 feature the Xiao AI voice assistant which allows the users to control features like setting schedules, play music, find phone, check heart rate and more. Both of these bands show SMS, message notifications, call, track-activity, locate the phone, track steps, also feature vibrating alarm, and both these bands also monitor heart rate. The bands are also water resistant up to 50 metres, and additionally, the Mi Band 4 goes a step ahead to identify not only the type of activity which the user is doing but also the swimming styles.

Battery, NFC, and Pricing

The Mi Band 3 packs a 110mAh battery, whereas the latest Mi Band 4 comes with a slightly larger 135mAh battery. While the battery life of Mi Band 3 is 15 to 20 days on moderate usage, Xiaomi has claimed that the Mi Band 4 will last around 20 days in moderate usage. To charge the Mi Band 3, the users have to pull out the capsule to plug it into charging. Also, the Mi Band 4 comes with NFC and non-NFC model, but the Mi Band 3 has no such option available.

The Mi Band 3 retails in India for a price tag of Rs 1,999, whereas the Mi Band 4 has been launched in China for 169 Yuan or around Rs 1,700, the NFC variant of the Mi Band 4 fitness band is available in China for 229 Yuan or around Rs 2,300. Now, if you have been using the Mi Band 3 for a long time then the Mi Band 4 might make some sense, but for people on older generation fitness bands, the Mi Band 4 will be a totally worthy buy.

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